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Necklaces and pendants are the side heroes that take us from plain to glam within seconds…don’t you think? Especially when the shiny gemstones are etched into the chain, it makes the adornment a hundred times more fascinating and beautiful. But have you decided what to pair your gorgeous attires with? Will you go the traditional way and wear flawless diamond pendants or will you choose a pop of color with vibrant gemstone pendants to accentuate your neckline?

Accessories are never enough but don’t you think having a gemstone pendant on your vanity is a necessity? Here are some spectacular pendants you should definitely buy as your go-to accessory!

Marquise Shape Diamonds Pendant Setting (0.54cttw)

A little bling hurts nobody!

Are you looking for a stunning gemstone pendant that adds a little oomph to your look? Marquise shape diamond pendant setting with a cushion cut is a beautiful accessory that one can wear daily with a morganite gemstone etched into it. Colorful gemstone pendants have gained a lot of popularity among women.

Morganite gemstone is one of the most feminine gemstones and looks beautiful. The marvelous-looking gemstone is also famously known as pink beryl, rose beryl, and pink emerald. The magnificent gemstone is truly magical and because of its stunning shades, it has gained popularity among the women of today. The orangish-pink gemstone looks lovely and can be paired with any attire you like. What do you think about this stunning pendant?

Round Untreated Blue Sapphire Three Stone Pendant (1.11cttw)

Do you like extravagant jewelry? A Sapphire gemstone in a three-stone pendant setting is exactly the statement piece you deserve. A three-stone pendant represents the past, the present, and the future. You can choose a sapphire, an emerald, or a ruby as your center stone on the three-stone gemstone pendant, to add a pop of color, a lot of luck and success, and two diamonds on the side to add a little glitter to the whole accessory!

Achieve The Stylish Look You Desire with blue sapphire gemstone pendants

Sapphire, the royal blue gem is known to be a favorite among royalties and celebrities alike. A royal blue sapphire pendant is just the accessory that can make you look fabulous in any attire.

Round Ruby Solitaire Pendant (1.05cts.)

Are you a “basic is my jam” kinda person when it comes to jewelry? Select a round ruby solitaire pendant that is the perfect fit for you. The round shape of a gemstone is acknowledged as the best as it spreads the light in different spectrums making the gemstone glitter more. A solitaire pendant has a charm that helps it to accessorize any type of attire! The simple design attached to a white gold chain is absolutely going to make you look stunning. This design will keep the focus on the dress, yet, it will still make a statement.

Round Ruby Solitaire Pendant (1.05cts.)

The King of all gemstones is one of the most precious and stunning-looking gems that has our hearts. Audrey Hepburn said “There is a shade of red for every woman” and no wonder rubies just add class to every woman’s persona! What’s your shade of red?

Round Emerald Twist Pendant with Diamonds (1.00cttw)

A twisted gemstone pendant style is the best bet if you’re looking for a subtle, elegant and glittering gemstone pendant accessory. A round emerald twist pendant with diamonds is sure to raise the glam quotient wherever you go! It makes a halo around the stone giving the gemstone a little highlight that makes it look even more stunning.

Round Emerald Twist Pendant with Diamonds 1.00cttw

Emerald comes from the mineral beryl and receives its stunning green shade from the elements vanadium and chromium present as impurities in the base mineral. It is one of the most precious gemstones in the world and is said to be rarer than diamonds. The best part about an emerald is that it can be paired with any attire and it will look exquisite.

Pear-Shaped Aquamarine Pendant:

The pear cut is known as a drop cut because of its shape which pretty much goes with the color of aquamarine jewelry resembling seawater. When both qualities get combined, they make the pendant look like a magical jewel. Another thing that makes this pendant stand apart is its bezel setting for the center stone, which holds it beautifully. You can pair this pendant with matching aquamarine earrings or a contrasting outfit.

Oval-Shaped Tsavorite Pendant:

If you’re a January born and green is your favorite color, this pendant will be the right choice for you. An oval-cut gemstone always highlights the beauty of a jewelry piece in addition to appearing larger than it actually is as compared to any other cut. . In this pendant, you will find diamonds beautifully surrounding the center stone. This pendant can dignify your look in every attire, whether it is a gown or an office outfit.

Marquise Cut Alexandrite Pendant

If art is something that is connected to your soul, then you will definitely love to add this pendant to your jewelry collection. 4 prongs hold a marquise-cut alexandrite beautifully and the floral design of the diamonds makes it look classy. The color-changing property of alexandrite amazes everyone and the artwork of the pendant beautifully complements the overall appearance of the pendant.

Cushion Cut Tanzanite Pendant

Tanzanite is a symbol of luxury and this cushion-cut pendant symbolizes creativity with luxury. Its design makes everyone ask you about it because this eye-catching jewel tanzanite makes a great combination with diamonds studded above the center stone. Tanzanite is found in a very small area of the whole world and not everyone is lucky enough to see this rare gemstone. So, if you choose this pendant, then you will be noticed for sure.

Oval Cut Tsavorite Pendant With Round Diamonds

What’s your favorite color gemstone pendant? Investing in a gemstone pendant today means investing in your future as the value of the gemstone increases and it gets rarer with time! Buy a gemstone pendant today.

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