Advantages Of Storing Equipment On The Rooftop Of Your Building


You may have seen that equipment like solar panels, HVAC systems, and other things are stored on the rooftops of other commercial buildings. If you’re unsure of the justifications for why commercial buildings have equipment on their rooftops, you could also ask if you should do the same for your building. Good news: There are considerably fewer advantages to heavy equipment storage on a rooftop than disadvantages. In reality, by planning your rooftop layout and investing in a full rooftop support system, you may make up for any potential drawbacks.

Here are some reasons why keeping Equipment on Your Roof is beneficial for you.

Lower Needs For Maintenance

You may better defend against weather conditions on the ground by moving your HVAC system to your roof. You don’t have to be concerned about leaves obstructing airflow or other kinds of debris harming your HVAC system. Additionally, you stop vandalism from people looking for precious metals as well as unintentional damage from vehicles.

Decreases The Likelihood Of Failure

Your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard if it is installed on your roof. It’s simpler for an HVAC expert to make maintenance and repairs when you do need them. Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about a maintenance team being impeded by foot traffic or other obstacles.

Reduces The Risk Of Theft Or Vandalism

You benefit from having a lower chance of theft or vandalism if you store your HVAC unit, solar panels, or generators on your roof. Vandals are more inclined to attack simple targets since getting to the roof Of Your Building Is Neither Simple Nor Practical.

Energy Savings

Your solar panels will have better access to sunlight with fewer risks of shade hindrance if you mount them on a roof rather than on the ground or a wall. Your utility bills will go down since rooftop HVAC units are more energy-efficient than ground units. Additionally, it is simpler to change the thermostat that is supplied with them.

Reduces Space

Everything you store on your roof, including cables, pipes, generators, and HVAC units, frees up space within. Bulky equipment won’t crowd the area or prevent you from using that space for additional storage, so you don’t have to be concerned about that. When you have excess room, you can use it whatever you need to.

Falls And Trips Peril

It may be challenging for anyone entering the area to see wires or piping that is immediately on the roof. This can cause someone to trip or be hurt. Therefore, using supports such as cable tray supports, pipe supports, and more help to ensure worker safety.

Fire Risk

When electrical cables are kept on a roof, the heat and weather gradually wear down the casing and reveal the wires. A spark and a fire can only be started with the correct amount of water or lightning. Utilizing cable tray supports will aid in reducing the dangers of the fire due to short circuits.

Greater Weight May Be Dangerous

Commercial roofs are designed to bear a certain amount of tension, but putting too much weight on them can cause damage that can result in everything from leaks to a roof collapse. The weight of heavy equipment can be distributed more equally by using equipment supports.

The protection of your equipment and roof will greatly benefit from selecting the proper rooftop support system. You may feel secure knowing that Con-form Group provides top-quality solutions with additional engineering and design characteristics that dependably preserve and lengthen the life of commercial and industrial roofs.

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