An Ultimate Guide To Character Analysis Essay


A character analysis essay is one of the trickiest types of essays students must write for their English course assignments. At Write My Essay 4 Me, we acknowledge the array of challenges a student life throws at you. Therefore, we are here with a blog that aims to

 make it all easy for you.

Here we will talk about what a character analysis essay is and the best way to approach it. Furthermore, we will also touch on the significance of analyzing a particular character and guide you through the nuances of a character analysis essay. Although this can be done by analyzing one character’s relationship in question to others, sometimes it is also essential to give your personal opinion.

Still, finding it too hard to grasp?

Worry not. This blog will entail everything about the character analysis. So simply read on and enlighten yourself.

What is Character analysis essay writing?

A character analysis essay writing is the kind of essay which includes in-depth details of the character and the traits it represents. The majority of the time, the subjects of character analysis essays are from literature. However, they could also be from other art forms like cinematography and theater.

While writing a character analysis essay, your primary job is to introduce the character so that the reader can tell what kind of an individual it truly is and what kind of role they have in the story. Besides personal opinion or biases, the writer is also required to apply their critical thinking skills and describe the character as objectively as they can.

Usually, character analysis essays involve the character’s relationship with either the protagonist or other characters. Furthermore, you are required to give details about their behavior, physical features, and other traits.

What is the purpose of a Character Analysis Essay?

In addition to everything, the Character Analysis Essay gives the reader a clear idea regarding the locality of the character, i.e., where he or she lives.

Furthermore, a Character Analysis Essay needs to dissect the character’s anatomy and explain who they are in contrast to what they show. As a writer, you should also be wary of the things that transpired in the character’s life and explain how they shaped the character’s perspective.

To further elucidate our point, let’s take an example from the character analysis of  Daisy Buchanan from “The Great Gatsby.” The character analysis essay would explain what kind of individual Daisy is and how she is related to the protagonist i.e., Jay Gatsby.

Now the other details are dependent on two factors. For starters, you should allow your inclination to guide you. Secondly, you need to be wary of the audience you are writing the essay for. If all of your peers are writing on Daisy Buchanan, you are required to scrap the minute details, or else your essay would end up just like most of the students.

Last but not least, you need to explain the character under the light of different scenarios the character was required to deal with. Make sure to also explain to the reader why you mainly chose those scenarios.

Different kinds of characters

A single-story contains multiple characters based on their behavior, traits, and roles in the greater narrative. For the same reason, writing a character analysis essay is quite intimidating for writers.

To make matters easier, we have classified the characters for you.

  1. Major

Major or central characters are the leads of the story. Usually, a story has two main characters that run the story. The two most common types of main characters are the protagonist and the antagonist. The protagonist is usually the good, guy and the antagonist is the evil one.

  1. Minor or static

As the name suggests, the minor characters are the ones with minor roles. That said, the minor characters are ironically the driving force of the story. Most of the time, minor characters are static or unchanging. They shape the major character’s life and pave their paths.

For instance, in J.K. Rowling’s famous series Harry Potter, the minor characters were Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. Despite being characters, they had major roles in helping Harry with his quests.

  1. Dynamic characters

Although not necessary, most of the time the main character is dynamic. That is because they keep changing

  1. Static character

The unchanging or the static characters are most of the time the minor characters.

  1. Foils

Foils are the characters that are neither the main nor major, they are just to enhance the protagonist’s role.

How to analyze the character?

An effective character analysis essay requires detailed reading. As a writer, it is incumbent to pay close attention to every minute detail on everything, be it the overall plot or the dialogues.

Aside from the categories mentioned above, you also need to give your insight and think out of the box. Refrain making general or basic statements. Instead, you should focus on the complexities and distinct details of each character.

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