Best Core i5 Laptop Price in Pakistan 2022


Either 7th or 9th generation laptops, corei5, are an excellent choice for both work and study. This laptop particularly supports the latest features and software and gives a great user experience. If you love to enjoy a good speed while working and fewer interruptions, go for corei5. offers a reasonable corei5 laptop price in Pakistan.

Now you can easily move your system anywhere, take your work along, and avoid sticking to desktop systems.


Whenever you buy a laptop, you see an Intel logo on it. This company provides processors to branded laptops such as Apple, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, etc. Intel makes the best processors for all the brands by minding speed and accuracy.

If you play solitaire, you won’t notice vastly between Core i3 and Core i5 processors. Nonetheless, if you are editing numerous files in Adobe Photoshop, you may see that the Core i5 completes the identical assignment quicker than earlier generation processors.

Core i5 processor features

The main features of the Core i5 processor are:

·        i5 processors provide the ability to run with built-in memory which helps improve application performance.

·        Memory speed increased to 1333MHz.

·        i5 processors have faster performance rates. Therefore, it can run at a maximum CPU rate of 3.6GHz.

·        The turbo technology of the i5 processor helps to speed up the work of the computer system.

·        The i5 processor uses a 64-bit architecture for users to have reliable work.

Advantages of i5 processors

The advantages of using an i5 processor are:

·        It has such a high throughput that the system can run at a maximum CPU rate of 3.6GHz.

·        The device is equipped with turbo technology that helps you to speed up the work.

·        Provides 64-bit architecture for reliable operation.

Normal and complete processor

One of the edges of the Core i5 is that it is the central processor created for all-around computing needs. This indicates that it can manage everyday web browsing, content consumption, and office productivity. Manufacturers such as Apple and Dell have introduced several versions of this chip in their state-of-the-art computers and laptops. In addition, it is able to handle some tasks that require significant resources, including games and mid-range video editing.

Continuous improvement of the new version

Core i5 has undergone several revisions and upgrades since 2009. The latest generation of this processor is often compared to previous generations of Core i7. In most cases, they are also cheaper and easier to access. Most importantly, it has better processing capabilities that translate into better hardware performance. It is better for consumers and ordinary users to choose this processor instead of Core i7 and Core i3.

Supple performance and applications

Relying on the detailed model or make, the processor ranges from mid-range to high-end computer use. Consumers can choose from a variety as per their budget and personal or professional needs.

However, if you are confused about what to choose has listed all the features of laptops. You can now conveniently pick your choice and manage your daily work and tasks.

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