Understanding The Meaning of Best Corporate Intranet Employee Portals


Increase engagement in your organization with the best corporate intranet employee portal!

Before we talk about the best intranet platforms, it’s important that we understand the meaning of an employee intranet portal. What’s the purpose of an intranet portal?

Why is it important for the organizations? How does it help HR? How is it helpful for the employees? There’s so much to answer before diving into the depth of employee portals.

Why Is Corporate Employee Portal Crucial

Employee portal also called an HR portal comma is an online employee engagement platform. Presents a variety of HR Services at employees’ fingertips. From the profession of helpful HR content to the self-service functionality that answers all your questions. There are features like case tracking and live chat for the management to enjoy its incredible advantages. 

Employee portal improves the employee’s service experience and increases their satisfaction and engagement levels. It is a changed organization tool that communicates controls and enables all the management staff with Grace.

There are many additional benefits like increased workforce productivity along with the efficiency of HR operations. We all know that successful organizations strive for long-term profits. An employee portal helps HR to support the subjective.

Because with the corporate employee portal employee productivity and retaining of goods staff is maintained. It even promotes happiness and health among the organization and provides superior Customer services, drives sales, and generates revenue.

Improves HR Operations 

Did you know that most of the corporate employee portals come with the self-service capability? This makes HR operations effective and efficient by cutting the inbound queries. It has been observed that requests and questions into a 6 reduced by 50% when the employee portals were introduced in the organizations.

It is also known as case deflection. HR Services teams workload freed up and higher value-added activities were introduced by the HR in the organizations. With the employee intranet portal, HR started delivering excellent communication and other functions in terms of operations.

You Get All Your Answers 

You might have heard that questions don’t have to make sense but answers do. A corporate employee portal makes all the relevant HR content including information, pay, revenue advantages HR policies to the Employees. Employees can find all their answers in the corporate employee portals.

You can type whatever you want to search for and you will get the answers to your questions immediately and easily. What else does an employee want?

Consumer Grade Employee Experience 

With the advent of Technology, former employees Expectations in the workplace have risen. Consumer Technology applications like Google, Facebook, and Instagram are used by all the employees in their daily lives.

It has enabled e-commerce simple and intuitive processes that have raised the bar in terms of employees’ work experience as well. Employees expect a particular technological experience at their workplace as well.

This is when corporate intranet employee portals get into the picture. Employees are fed up with the poly performing Technology at work. Employee portals have made it easier for the management as well as the employees to work ok and have a great pain at actively and efficiently.

Not only that is, but there is also more engagement and communication in the organizations with the help of these corporate internet employee portals.

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