Best Indian CBSE School in Abu Dhabi for Your Child


Abu Dhabi’s private education system is filled with children from the ex-pat population compared to locals. According to a report, almost 60% of students in private schools are expats, while 40% are local Emiratis. This means that most parents prefer private or cbse schools for their students if they are expats.

Abu Dhabi follows a myriad of education systems including IB, UK-based, US-based, UAE based and Indian-based. Indian-based curriculum. CBSE is a very popular curriculum among ex-pats. This becomes a good option especially for those who belong to India.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) schools in Abu Dhabi are at the forefront of knowledge, especially in Science and Mathematics. As you go through the write-up you will get to know what perks your child will be getting if you made him join the best cbse school in abu dubai.

Why Should You Choose a CBSE Abu Dhabi Indian School for Your Child?

The CBSE-based curriculum is holistic and starts from grade 1 to grade 12. It is an internationally accredited curriculum and focuses on Science, Mathematics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The CBSE curriculum in Indian schools of Abu Dhabi brings forth a keen focus on the assimilation of skills, knowledge in a practical and analytical format. Thus, the students are ready for higher education as well. CBSE gives students a platform to pursue streams of their interest and make them global leaders.

It also helps students develop solid soft skills, creativity, communication, and problem-solving as well as cognitive skills along with a holistic personality.

Abu Dhabi Indian School Ahead Catching Up with the Technology and Arts

The pandemic has given rise to EdTech platforms like e-learning, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data etc. Online tutoring, learning through experience, giving online exams have all become an intrinsic part of education and CBSE schools have not missed a beat to catch up.

Technology is being intertwined with traditional education and seen as an integral part of learning. Technologically skilled individuals have a high chance of getting employed in today’s world and in the future as well.

Why Creativity and Human-Centric Education is Important for Students in Abu Dhabi?

With AI and technology taking over human jobs, the future of education and employment relies on creativity and arts, human-centric communication. Expat students in Abu Dhabi schools are voracious learners. And it is only fair to equip them with the best skills not only in the present but in the future as well.

Indian CBSE schools see the importance of the overgrowing interdisciplinary skill set required in every field of work. Thus, problem-solving, human-centric learning, where teachers teach students how to think out of the box and become divergent thinkers and lifelong learners is strongly becoming a trend in CBSE schools. Hence, they are moving from STEM to STEAM to provide the students with not only the best academia but technology and creativity too.

Changing Role of the Teacher in the Best  CBSE Schools of Abu Dhabi

The role of the teacher is revolutionizing with change in the environment. It is no longer a stringent curriculum focussed on the teacher, but teachers, students, and parents are coming together to work collaboratively.  So that students can get the best out there in the world.

Teachers are not merely stuffing information, but becoming educators to enhance the quality of learning.

 CBSE school teachers constantly get trained and equipped with the latest developments and evidence-based training. We give them regular training in their academia or field of expertise. But, there is also an influx of the changing student-teacher interaction with the various online models and changing relationships. Teachers are becoming facilitators of knowledge in CBSE schools that instill a sense of curiosity and independence within the students.

What Does the Best  CBSE School in Abu Dhabi Look Like?

Indian CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi are world-class and well-reputed. In such a case, to find the best CBSE school for your child, let’s look at some important aspects:

  •       Technologically advanced learning modules using AI, VR, Online Learning
  •       Regularly trained teachers who are culturally aware and focus on holistic learning
  •       State of the Art Infrastructure which embodies functional classrooms, sports equipment, playgrounds, canteens/ meal plans
  •       Human-Centric, cultural, ethical, and moral values a part of the learning system
  •       Prestigious Institutions with awards or a good reputation
  •       A student-teacher-parent friendly communication pattern where parents can interact with fellow parents and the learning process is a collaborative effort
  •       A focus on diversity and inclusivity, making students individualistic as well as collaborative
  •       Student-centric education where the needs of every student is honor and respected
  •       Liaisons with higher education institutions with regular seminars
  •       Student exchange programs where students can learn from different schools of thought and apply their knowledge
  •       Safe and secure environment of learning and living

Fees Affordability

 Additionally, you may want to look at the finances that will be required since CBSE schools can be comparatively expensive. You can look for various scholarships from both government and private schools. You can also ask your employer to assist you with education finances as a perk for your child. Some organizations cover all educational expenses of their employees’ children or put aside a particular amount. You may also want to look at loan or investment services that will help your child get the best education they deserve.

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Another good idea to find an ideal CBSE school is to go on different forums and talk to parents, students. You may also do a virtual tour of the campus if the school provides such facilities. It is very important to see if your child will be able to get out of their comfort zone and thrive while not feeling lost and confused in a new culture. You may also look at websites, mail schools for their brochures, admission procedures, etc. It is important to apply in advance since most CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi are full occupancy and to get into your ideal school, you may have to be on the waitlist.

You may also want to look at the location of the school in proximity to your house of employment or the other way round as travel can be painful. You may also want to check if the schools provide transportation facilities.


Abu Dhabi Indian schools with a CBSE curriculum provide your child with some of the best education models and advanced skill-based learning while instilling a sense of curiosity, learning, independence, and community. This is a great way to make sure your child is future-ready and holds important skills that are required apart from the traditional focus on Science, Maths, and technology. There is a CBSE school out there that will help every child become a global citizen to lead and thrive in society. 

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