Best Resume Writing Tips


You recently sent out more than 15 resumes and received only one invitation to an interview. Familiar? If yes, then you are not alone.

Just a few tricks will make your resume stand out from other candidates.

We’ve rounded up the best resume writing tips and strategies in this guide, as well as golf resume examples. These techniques will help you stand out, get more offers, and get the job you want.

Now let’s move on to this collection of the best resume writing tips and tricks so you can improve your resume and get great results.

Read about the job you are applying for
Customize your resume for each job opening

Read the job posting carefully. Highlight frequently repeated phrases, corporate culture clues, and anything that resonates strongly with your professional experience.

Don’t have all the necessary skills? Not a problem!

Do you turn down career opportunities if you don’t have the skills they need? Big mistake. Companies know that there are no candidates with ALL the right skills and characteristics. Moreover, they receive a lot of applications from absolute beginners.

So what’s wrong with missing one or two of the right skills? Nothing, so don’t let it stop you. It all comes down to how valuable an employee you can be based on your resume.

Emphasize your personal qualities and broad application skills. If you have the right experience, but not in a company, that’s fine. Additional projects, volunteer experience, and academic work or projects will do.

Don’t write your whole life story

Your resume is not a diary describing in detail all the positions and responsibilities that you have had. Think of a resume as a summary of your current career and future potential.

Put the most impressive on the top half of the strip

The “Top Bar Line” is the area people see before scrolling down. In printed form, this is the first half of a document, or the top half of a folded newspaper. This is the first thing a recruiter sees after reading your resume. Use this part wisely.

Don’t take up space with a big headline with your name and contact details. In any case, this information is usually placed at the top, so there is no need to use a large font. This professional resume template has a personalized title, but space is kept to a minimum so your brief statement and work experience stays in the top half of the page:

Write a good introduction – an achievement, a skill, or even an intriguing question that will interest the recruiter in further reading.

Use number characters instead of text

The numbers stand out in a sea of ​​text, which also makes your resume easier to read. Add numbers, statistics, percentages, metrics, or ranges to any skill or achievement on your resume to make it more specific.

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