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In 2006, three Canadians faced dissatisfaction in an attempt to sell a snowboard online. Following this poor experience, they founded Shopify – an online store that turned into one of the leading eCommerce platforms.

Fast forward to recent years, Shopify has 2,297million active websites and almost 20% market share. In 2020, it handled $5.1billion+ in sales and the total revenue in Q1 2021 was $988.6million. Looking at these numbers, it is clear that Shopify is growing at an incredible pace. It lets you start, grow, and manage a business with vast online store customization. Also, it is easy and convenient to use, even for beginners.

Shopify blogs are a great way to connect with the audience. Using blogs, the sellers can generate more traffic and earn hefty profits. Still, it is not for everyone to set up blogs with SEO standards. So, here we have some of the tips and tricks that will help along the way. You will get enough knowledge; to start blogging for your online store on the Shopify app.

Optimizing Your Blog for Shopify

The blog posts hold great importance in the marketing world. A well-written blog can reach millions every day, which means it needs a great deal of attention. Also, creative content can prove to be a tool to overpower competitors.

The Shopify platform allows sellers to write compelling content to drive more traffic. In addition, Shopify Blog has several helpful tools for SEO and the setting of the content. It helps the sellers boost their online presence and convert readers to sales.

Although it is a great feature, not everyone can write engaging and read-worthy content. Plus, it also needs some quality images to go with it. Still, don’t worry, a good product photography service can help you with the latter issue. For the content part, the following things will help you write a fine piece of content.

What to Adopt?

Explaining the product and describing its features in appealing ways is not easy. Remember to work according to the target audience and the offered product. If it has distinctive features, they should be present in the description. On the flip side, if it has any weak points, you should mention them as well. Clear and direct information increases the trust of the customer, which helps with the final decision. The things to optimize your blog are as follows.

●     Organized Working

Keeping everything organized plays a crucial role in the presentation. Make sure your content has a good readability score and looks appealing. After that, research and note down a handful of keywords to include in your content and headings.

Another vital point is to keep the word count in check. Of course, you don’t want anything that stops at 300-500 words. A decent blog can stack up to 1500-2000 words but should not be repetitive and boring. 

●     Adequate Setting

A managed page is what every customer likes to see. Not only that, it adds up to the user experience and also helps to prevent lags or delays.

For an adequate setting, use a bold main heading and some side headings for sections and subsections. Next, include a relevant HTML title and meta descriptions. Ensure everything is to the point, understandable and has necessary keywords.

●     Flexible Content

Including a little diversity in your content always helps, but don’t overdo it. It can have some references and exciting material but still needs to be friendly for all.

The next point is knowing your ideal customer. If you understand the audience, it will help provide relevant and meaningful information. Also, using different types of content helps to target different audiences.

●     Proper Maintenance

Using different tools and research skills helps to improve the quality of the content. Recheck your webpage and other vital details with the A/B testing before making it live.

Another thing to do is timely check and update your content. It will help in keeping the webpage fresh and updated with the latest information.

What to Avoid?

Professional forms of writing are not only about long descriptions below the product. You also need to know what things to avoid that can make a customer bounce off your webpage. For instance, you can use uplifting words for your product but can’t make over the top claims. Also, the content should have clear-cut information and must not give a sense of false beliefs. The things that can lower your page rankings are as follows.

●     Vague Objectives

If you are starting up a business, you need to set a goal and a focused vision. If you are not clear about your idea, it will create random patterns in your webpage.

Not having a clear motive means no plan, and you will end up trying out several ideas at once. Moreover, high variations will disrupt the web-flow, making the customer lose interest.

●     Saturated Designs

Providing as much information as possible is beneficial, but an overwhelmed design can backfire. Also, adding too many elements means too many things to focus on, leaving a poor impression.

The next thing is to use relevant images with the content but not go overboard with it. If the pictorial text doesn’t fit with the background image or vice versa – it will cause distractions. Another thing to note here is using the right colors, fonts, and themes. If you are not familiar with visual content, try getting an eCommerce product photography service. It will fix you up with quality designs according to your product and description.

Learn. Adapt. Manage Growth. Repeat

All in all, the Shopify blog feature is a great way to connect with your customers. It helps in knowing the interests and demands of the audience. Still, you need to optimize it, to get good rankings and sales. One good thing is that Shopify also has several tools that help with optimization. Moreover, you can also use ad groups to manage your ads and keep everything organized.

A customer searching for a product online wants a trustworthy and reliable source. Some like to read the whole context; others, not so much. So, it is necessary to research and get to know the target audience. Write in compelling and bold ways to convert a product searcher into a returning customer.

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