Beware of These Common Civil Rights Violated At a Workplace!


Civil rights are the rights conferred on each individual, which implements in the workplace as well. Violation of these civil rights is a legal offense that can be taken to court. Some of the workplace civil rights include the right to fair compensation, the right to a safe working environment, freedom from harassment and discrimination, etc. 

In the legal sense, each violation of workplace civil rights is governed by a legally enforceable rule. A Las Vegas Civil Rights Attorney will help ensure that your rights are upheld in all circumstances. In the event of it getting violated, it can help you seek legal remedy. 

Here are the common Civil Rights that get violated at the workplace:

Right to privacy:

The right to privacy is enforceable in almost all states, and it covers not only the individual but also their belongings and possessions. Texts, calls, and voicemails of the individual are protected too under the right to privacy. However, with computer surveillance, employers can easily access their employees’ emails and internet activity.

Right to fair remuneration:

The protection of employees for equal and fair remuneration is governed by the Equal Pay Act of 1963. The act makes sure that workers are paid equally and fairly for the work performed irrespective of their sex. Timely provision of salary, bonuses, overtime, and bonuses, etc., need to be provided for their sustenance.

Right to a safe working environment:

All workers and employees are entitled to a safe working environment or should be warned well in advance of the potential risks associated with employment. The employer must ensure that the workers are not exposed to hazardous material or face unsafe working conditions. Additionally, employers must ensure that the workplace is secure, and in case there exists any trace or evidence that could potentially make the workplace unsafe, it needs to be rectified.

Freedom from any retaliation:

A whistleblower is an employee who speaks against the legal violations that take place in the place of work. Most of them often face their employers’ wrath in the form of retaliation rather than working together to resolve the issue. The federal statutes protect these employees from bringing into light the inherent risk to them, the environment, and their workplace.  

Freedom from discrimination and harassment:

When a worker is treated differently than others, it is termed as discrimination. The basis for this different treatment can be based on their age, skin color, ethnicity, religion, language, pregnancy, etc.

Gender stemmed harassment in sexual favors and advances, derogatory words, etc., would create a hostile working environment for its employees, which is legally, ethically, and professionally wrong.

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