Boxed Packaged Goods


Boxed Packaged Goods nowadays are one of the most feasible options for shipping products from one place to any other area of the entire world while being safe and sound without any damages.

Nowadays, several suppliers online and in the local markets make such packaging boxes and cater to most of the shipping and transportation needs of brands and companies to convey their products to their target audience.

All you need to do is a mindful search to determine which type of packaging will suit your products the most. Once you decide on the right kind of packaging box for you, the next step is looking for a reliable supplier who can guarantee to meet your packaging needs.

After that, you can then send your business’s boxed packaged goods to far-off places with the shipment to your company’s clients and customers. This entire process will benefit your business a lot, and it will increase on a massive scale.

 Thus, if you are involved in any business, boxes can be a ticket to your success. So, never miss a chance to get the most out of them as their investment costs nothing compared to the reward you get from them.

What are Boxed Packaged Goods?

Also sometimes known as boxed goods, these are defined as products that are packaged utilizing a box. Being safely packed in a box, these products give an advantage to various sellers to send them to far-off places without any worries of mishandling or breakage during shipping. Packages are also great to preserve high-value and fragile items like video games, eatables, electronic goods, and many more.

If you are someone running an online business, then always keep in mind that such boxed packaged goods will prove the best and most feasible option for you to ship your products to customers all over the world.

Best Types of Boxed Packaged Goods

Proper packaging of products plays a crucial role in the perceived value and worth as a whole. Fortunately, the packaging industry has evolved a lot over the last few years, particularly in comparison to endless innovations that come over in portable technology.

Having a diverse range of box styles and packaging choices available in different shops and online markets in India and worldwide. It usually becomes challenging for someone to select the correct packaging solution for a business or brand’s products.

There are five basic types of boxed packaged goods that most eCommerce retailers consider enhancing their business day by day. So, let’s take a general overview of the top-trending packaging options used in the recent era to improve product value and customer experience. Also, we will go through the material of all of them and their respective uses so that it becomes easier to make a sound decision while shopping out for them.

  1. Corrugated boxes

These are defined as the packaging containers made of corrugated cardboard, with a hollow structure inside made by a molding process. Their manufacturing uses several cardboards like single, double, and triple corrugated cardboard as packaging materials. A single large-scale cardboard box usually weighs almost 3000kg.


The usage of corrugated boxes usually varies depending upon the type of daily consumer product packaging in them. Like that can be either

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • processed foods
  • knitted cotton fabrics
  • glass ceramics
  • medical drugs
  • bicycles 
  • household appliances
  • fine furniture and many more 
  1. Wooden Boxes

Wooden packaging boxes are usually made of sophisticated material, due to which they have a fine craft and an exquisite appearance. In addition to that, they are typically attached with a paper, sponge, EPE, foam plastic lining, or flannel in order to protect internal goods from collisions. Moreover, due to the attractive selection of accessories, high-quality and refined materials, the price of such wooden boxed packaged goods is slightly higher than other packaging options.


An extraordinary thing regarding wooden box packaging is that it generally holds a commercial and solid ornamental nature. That is why they are usually utilized in the outer packaging of several high-quality goods such as

  • food boxes
  • red wine boxes
  • health care products
  • brittle products
  • valuable commodities and many more
  1. Fixed Paper Boxes

Such boxes are also commonly known as rigid boxes. That is primarily because this kind of packaging involves using an extensive range of materials, complex structures, and production processes. However, manual production is a principal method of its manufacturing.

The manufacturing cycle of such packaging boxes is slightly longer than the general folding paper carton, so their price and grade are relatively higher than average. Therefore, these kinds of packages are also known as “hardcover boxes,” “gift boxes,” and so on.


Rigid or fixed paper boxes are often utilized in packaging products that require a proper display. Some examples of such products may include the packaging of

  • cosmetics
  • jewelry
  • glass items
  • technological goods
  • high-end luxury couture and many more
  1. Plastic Boxes

Plastic box packaging is usually made of PVC/PET/PP/PS, all of which are molded to get different forms like handbags, hangers, transparent folding boxes, cover boxes, see though cylinders, and many more. In addition to that, most plastic containers are also exposed to different procedures like matting, printing, hot stamping, offset printing, silkscreen printing, and many more. All of these make them look beautiful to customers.


Plastic boxes, as we all know, can carry almost anything you want. However, the most common advantage of using plastic boxed packaged goods include the following

  • increased user experience
  • permanent packaging
  • moisture-proof
  • waterproof
  • low density 
  • lightweight nature 
  • easy processing 
  • high toughness
  • strong transportation safety
  • improved product quality and many more 

Due to all these characteristics, several product packaging companies usually tend to prioritize plastic packaging boxes. 

  1. Cardboard Boxes 

Cardboard boxes use exquisite decoration and shape to beautify products and exclusively improve their competitiveness to a greater extent. Moreover, this packaging type is usually prevalent for packaging different industrial products. 


Carton is acknowledged as the most basic kind of shipping packaging, widely used to sell and transport products worldwide. Many online sellers utilize such paper boxes for items like 

  • medicines 
  • electronics 
  • food items 
  • groceries 
  • gifts and many more 

How to Design Customized Boxed Packaged Goods?

Whenever the consumers go out shopping and choose the products they want, they first consider their packaging. Packaging of goods has the most potent influence on the customer’s mind and his final buying decision. Particularly while shopping in large malls and plazas, most consumers try direct touching to check the products and their packaging to have a general view.

 If the packaging is designed with solid branding and promotional effects, it may inspire the buyer and help the company increase its sales. While, on the other hand, if the packaging is not good enough, the customer may ponder over it and think some time to either buy the item or not without even knowing the value of the product present inside. Thus, packaging has a significant influence on the perception and attraction of customers.

Although, currently, you can have a lot of ready-made box designs available all over the local markets and on online shopping stores. Still, some people love to have their own customized boxed packaged goods. So, the following are some guidelines regarding customization of packaging boxes:

  1. Know your correct target audience
  2. Make your products look unique
  3. Create an emotional triggering unboxing experience
  4. Try to use environment-friendly design to increase the value of your brand
  5. Research for attractive box design ideas
  6. Ensure that the packaging you choose must meet your product shipping and care needs

Tips and Tricks for Safety of Boxed Packaged Goods

After making customized packaged boxes, you may be thinking of safely putting them in an appropriate place to protect the products packaged inside from harm and damage. Moreover, besides storing those boxes in a secure place, you should follow the below-given tips and tricks to pack your products well before packaging them entirely.

  1. Pack in Good-quality Packaging Box

A significant thing to prevent damage is using a high-quality packaging box to avoid getting damaged when stacked or weighted.

Cheap packaging boxes may seem fine to some extent externally, but when weighted, they usually get destroyed or dented quickly. Moreover, some free boxes are also doubted to behave a lot of bacteria and pathogens, which may contaminate your boxed packaged goods unhygienically.

Therefore, it is always recommended to invest in high-quality boxes that are strong and durable enough to retain their shape and inner content when stacked.

  1. Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrapping is a great way to keep an item safe and sound individually. Usually, packaging so many things together in a single wrapper cause damage due to constant contact and collision. Bubble wrapping your precious products separately to protect them and make them go a long way.

Moreover, if your product is in a liquid state, it is essential for you to pack it in leak-proof material packaging with a proper seal. That is crucial because, in case of leakage, it will not damage other boxed packaged goods.

  1. Add Tags and Labels for Easy Identification

Labeling products and boxes are also an essential step, especially where so many boxes are present in a single place stacked over each other. It helps you find and retrieve your required product without making strenuous efforts and opening each box back again. Also, easy finding the products will save a lot of your precious time.

However, don’t write too many details on tags. Keep them precise and give each product a unique name, number, or code so that no one gets lost in the heaped pile.

  1. Place Boxed Packaged Goods in a perfect order

Once you are done packaging the products individually in a bubble wrap and tagging them accordingly, then next is the right time to place them in a precise order into a box. Never leave any spaces between the goods because they will move around and collide with other products, which may result in damage. Particularly fragile and brittle items need a few more steps and a unique place to stay safe.

So, it is suggested to add enough cushioning between the products to avoid any external pressures’ damaging concerns. In addition to that, nowadays, several advanced machines are utilized in different packaging industries to create airbags. Somehow, cardboard cushioning can also prove a good option in a few cases.

  1. Close the Lid of the Box Properly

Leaving a box opened at the top can lead to loss and damage to your packaged goods. Therefore, the second essential step and tip for you after placing your packaged product in the box is to seal the container appropriately. For this, you will need to have high-quality tape with good adhesive properties. In this way, your products will remain safe and sound even if the box falls accidentally.

Benefits of Boxed Packaged Goods

Understanding the importance and value of suitable packaging for their goods is the key to success for exporters and importers. The following are some of the significant advantages that they can have with boxed packaged goods in a good quality box:

  1. The box furnishes protection from all the physical harm and damage, including
  1. extreme temperatures
  2. electrostatic discharges
  3. extreme vibration
  4. falling apart or dropping
  5. collision with other products

And all the other kinds of impacts that may cause your products to be crushed.

  1. The boxed packaged goods are also safe from humidity and contamination of dust, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogenic micro-organisms.
  2. Boxes also grant helpful containment of many electronic items and small accessories of today’s generation lie mobile phones and laptops.
  3. Moreover, they offer you a reliable line of defense against cases of tempering. Like if anyone tries to get them out and check them during transit and delivery.
  4. Boxes are also a great way of equal distribution of products to consumers all over the world.

Besides all these, boxes with exquisite designs and premium finishing reflect the brand image very well on its clients and customers. Also, they attract the target audience of any brand or company extravagantly. You may take an example of Apple company packaging and branding. Therefore, they play a significant role in the rapid growth of businesses all over the world.


Your boxed packaged goods must clearly state what makes your brand unique and stand out from others in its competition. Moreover, while maintaining regular functions, you should always try to think out of the box, designing ideas to improve the overall customer experience of your business.

For this, always remember that your mailer box’s main mage, design, and color scheme have a significant impact on your customers’ emotions, expectations, and decision-making choices.

Hiring a professional and experienced box packaging designer can create a whole lot of business opportunities for you. That is because he will be wise enough to successfully bring your brand image on the front practically to life, just by extraordinary packaging ideas. Also, he will have more excellent knowledge and information of the color scheme and suitable design that may evoke people’s moods.

However, the boxed packaged goods’ return on investment far exceeds your limited expectations in the long run. Over time, establishing the perception of your brand’s target audience benefits for attention and craftsmanship to details will gradually increase your sale and enhance your brand image. Thus, nowadays, packaging branding is an easy way to create an exclusive brand identity and differentiate it from the competing names in the market.

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