California Notary Classes by Craig Mullins Consulting

California Notary Classes by Craig Mullins Consulting

A California Notary Classes is a state-appointed official whose main function is to prevent frauds and other illegal acts.

He/she verifies if the signatures, stamps, seals, documents are authentic and not forged or exploitative.

Thus, notaries tend to have a certain set of skills specific to their work. They need to be aware of the laws affecting them, act in an unbiased manner, and avoid racial or any form of discrimination while performing their duties.

Therefore, when you want to join California Notary Classes, you must have the ability to;

  • Verify the identity of the signers of the document.
  • Check if the signers are aware of the terms and conditions mentioned in the documents, to avoid exploitation.
  • Check if the signers are competent to sign the document.
  • Check if the signers are under any pressure or intimidation.

The judiciary of our society relies heavily on notaries. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, notaries also have to maintain a diary of events, also called a notary journal, so that their work can have recorded testimony in case of future disputes.

Society puts a lot of trust and faith in the working of notaries. Therefore, notaries must show and maintain professional ethics and abide by the oath they take at the time of getting commissioned.

The Secretary of State is responsible for training and commissioning California notaries public. With the aim and vision of maintaining integrity in the functioning of notaries across the state, the SoS of California has adopted stringent measures that an applicant has to abide by, to be a California notary public.

Firstly, applicants have to satisfy the eligibility criteria (18 years old or older, clean criminal record, a legal resident of California). If they are eligible, they have to get enrolled in a California notary class.

The SoS has made it mandatory for all applicants to attend a 6-hour work-specific class, either online at home or offline. The training may be completed either in a day or maybe spread across a week.

The training will revolve around the skills and knowledge that notaries need to have for proper functioning. Students are made aware of the relevant laws, ethical and professional codes of conduct, and in addition to these, many institutions nowadays have begun dedicating some time for practical work exposure.

After attending the 6-hour mandatory class, applicants have to collect a Proof of Class certificate, which they will have to use shortly.

After successful training, applicants can apply and appear in the California notary exam, which will test their skills and knowledge learned in the classes.


A notary is a respectable and exciting thing to do. It will not only bring you monetary prosperity but will also help you to significantly contribute to the wellbeing and health of the community.

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