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When it comes to renew car registration Dubai, it’s important to make sure you’re aware of the late fee. If you don’t renew your registration within 60 days of its expiration date, you’ll be charged a Dh200 late fee. So, be sure to plan ahead and allow enough time for the renewal process.

The cost of late fees in Dubai can be hefty, with a AED 25 charge for failing to renew your registration after it expires. The fine will continue adding each month on top of the base car’s original price- so make sure you don’t miss out!

How to Renew Car Registration Dubai:

The steps to renew car registration Dubai are rather simple. All you need do is clear out any pending fines against the vehicle and apply through RTA for a renewal of its own. Explained following are the steps involved in the renewal process of car registration in Dubai:

1. Pay Fines               

When you register your vehicle in the UAE, it is important to make sure there are no outstanding fines on its records. If this case arises and unpaid traffic citations remain with a black point(s) against them from before-the moment they were incurred through RTA official website or via their app available for smartphones– whichever option suits better depending upon what device one uses at home! However if personal reasons force him/her out of town during business hours then he must visit local Police Station before heading back so that everything can be resolved ahead.

2. Getting Your Car Tested

Testing new cars is tricky. For the first two years, they are exempt from tests which means that every one of them can enjoy twenty-four months without having to take any test!

Once you’ve passed the first stage, your car will be evaluated to make sure it’s roadworthy. This includes checking for steering accuracy and other vital aspects of vehicle stability so that nothing is out-of date or missing on our end!

The cost of this test is 170 AED and it takes around 20-40 minutes. Customers will need multiple visits to complete their procedure, as well they should because the results are valid for thirty days!

3. How to Renew Car Registration Online

The process of renewing your car’s registration is now much easier than ever! All you need to do it visit the official website or use our app on iTunes Store and Android Market Place. You will also submit valid proof that includes evidence from where payments were made as well as insurance coverage for both yourself AND any other drivers within 24 hours before they expire so make sure everything matches up correctly because if there are discrepancies then we can help fix those issues right away without delay – just contact us through email immediately upon receiving notice about them happening again.

4. Vehicle Registration Renewal via Offline Methods

Renewal can be done the traditional way, too! Visit any one of these registration centres in your Emirates and apply for car renewal. Once approved by authorities, you’ll receive new documents with an extended expiration date on them- put that sticker onto rear number plate to make sure everything is okay before getting back out there (or not). For more info visit

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