Catch your flight like a Pro – Tips from a Frequent Flier


First things first: book the flight ticket as soon as possible

Flight prices are dynamic and change in seconds. Prices increase as the seats are booked and seat inventory decreases.

The first thing you want to do is to decide on a one-way or round-trip itinerary and book the flight tickets right away. Once you’ve found a flight that matches your budget and timings, save more money using coupons for flight tickets.

Consider carrying only cabin baggage

We cannot stress this enough: your checked luggage is the biggest hog on your time, convenience and flexibility. Ideally, you want to carry one laptop or a handbag and one cabin-sized suitcase or duffel bag. You can also avail of cabin-baggage only fares that some airlines have which are cheaper than the regular fares. You’ll also be able to take your boarding pass quickly at one of the kiosks, instead of having to stand in queue for getting your boarding pass and dropping your luggage.

Web check-in to get the seat you want

You might like the window seat because you love a view or an aisle seat if you want more accessibility. Either way, you don’t want to get stuck in the middle seat.

The best way is to check-in as soon as you can when you receive the notification that check-in is open for the flight you’re taking. Most airlines will let you choose a seat free of charge.

If you find that the airline is only allowing you to book a middle seat while web checking in, it’s better to check-in at the airport at a kiosk or airline counter instead where you can opt for a window or an aisle seat for free because airlines open unoccupied chargeable seats as departure time comes closer.

Wear a shirt with a pocket

With so many things going on at the same time when you’re at the airport, it’s easy to lose your most important documents – your ID and boarding pass. If you wear a button-down shirt that usually has a pocket, you can give a home to them, keeping them very accessible and your hands free at the same time. Bonus: they fit perfectly!

Carry an empty bottle

It might sound like a bit of weird advice but allow me to explain. Any liquid more than 100ml is not allowed in cabin luggage. If you carry a bottle of water from home, you’ll be asked to drink it at the Security. But buying bottled water can be expensive at the airport. If you want to save money, carry an empty bottle through security and then fill it up at one of the water stations at the airport.

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