Celebrate Their Engagement with These 12 Thoughtful Gifts

Thoughtful Gifts

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of someone’s life. They have met the person they want to spend the rest of their life with and are ready to celebrate this with the world! As their friend or family member, your support is an integral part of them becoming a strong, secure married couple, and that can start with the perfect gift for their engagement party.

  1. Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal for Two. Life can get hectic! Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to do things you enjoy, especially as a couple. This journal is pocket sized so it can fit into a purse, ready to be used at a moment’s notice when there is a break in the action. On long car rides, waiting at the doctor’s office or just sitting in front of the television. Prompts are meant for couples to respond to in their own words, creating a time capsule of their relationship as it is now. They can look back on it in the future and cherish the memories.
  2. Visa Gift Card. There are so many possible gifts to give someone; the only reasonable way to know you’ve hit on the ideal gift is by giving them a Visa gift card, something they can spend on almost anything they want. Accepted by millions of retailers worldwide, a Visa gift card can be personalized with a special photo of the happy couple, and celebratory text imprinted on the front.
  3. Congratulations Candle. This champagne scented candle is designed to inspire. A great gift for any type of celebration with its fizzy champagne scented notes of vanilla and lime, it’s made of soy and burns for over 60 hours. The wicks are lead and zinc free, which means they don’t leave any toxic residue behind.
  4. “Miss to Mrs.” Tumbler. This fun tumbler is made of acrylic and highlights the engagement in a creative way. The “Miss” on the tumbler is crossed off and “Mrs.” is written in gold accents. If the bride to be is a Sex in the City fan, she’ll love this chic stylish tumbler enough to use it every day.
  5. Heart Snapshot Mix. Many designs are available to set the mood for this lovely display of photos, collected from the couple’s time together. Choose from different color backgrounds for modern, foil-pressed, and captioned themes, Mint uses 30 of your selected photos to create a visual in the shape of a heart, to truly capture the couple’s love for each other.
  6. Personalized Wine Bottle. You choose your own message for this bottle of California Red. There are five different templates available including Cheers! To help the newly engaged couple make a toast in their own honor.
  7. Personalized Cutting Board. Help the newly engaged couple show off their future last name, whether she is taking his or they are hyphenating them together, it’s easy to display on a cutting board that will be used for years to come.
  8. Wedding Planner Checklist. Planning a wedding involves a lot of time, and the working out of a lot of details. A wedding planner checklist will keep all of their thoughts, ideas, and decisions in one elegant, functional place. There are charts and fill-in lists, tips on organizing vendor and venue information, and a pocket to hold various items like business cards, receipts, and notes.
  9. Wooden Photo Frame. While our phones and drives may hold thousands of pictures taken over the years, only the most important ones ever make it to a frame. This wooden photo frame is etched with the script, “He asked” and “She said Yes”. Place the official engagement photo of the happy couple for a timeless keepsake that will take center stage on a mantle or coffee table.
  10. Kissing Mugs. These sweet mugs are shaped like faces kissing; each faces the other, with the “lips” of the mugs touching. The mugs make a delightful gift so the happy couple can start each morning off caffeinating together and fitting perfectly before heading off for the day.
  11. Marital Bliss Game. Perhaps the only card game in existence that can literally last for hours, if not days! The competitive nature is a challenge to your spouse to be extra sweet, promoting positive love-vibes all day long. Long term love often forgets about playfulness, flirtation, and being spontaneous. This card game makes for a great reminder!
  12. Honeymoon Fund Jar. Why not make all that extra change work for you, instead of it leaving marks on the dresser where it ends up? This large clear jar offers customizable wording. An inspired and functional method to help them save for their honeymoon.

Show up to the engagement party with the perfect gift in tow! The couple has started their lifelong journey together and gifts to make it easier, even more fun, and to celebrate every day will be appreciated more than you realize.


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