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Whether you are planning to move to another city in US or abroad, our US Movers portal will help you carry out your project smoothly. You will indeed find a selection of the best moving services companies, classified according to the localities they serve. Chosen for their experience and the quality of their services, the Swift Way Services mover offers you tailor-made Moving Company services or packages adapted to your needs.

Find your moving company active in your region by choosing your State or City.

If you move outside US, also find out about Moving Companies active for INTERNATIONAL MOVES.

Also, discover on this portal a host of tips to prepare for the big day and avoid all unpleasant surprises. In particular, you will find in our specialized articles all the necessary information concerning insurance, the different possible moving formulas as well as sorting tips and simple steps to reduce your environmental impact when preparing your move.

How to prepare well for my move?

What to do before moving?

You will be responsible for many formalities and it can be useful to make a list so that you don’t forget any important step: also add deadlines to meet deadlines and not have to do anything at the last minute.

To do this, you can base yourself on the various tips given below in order to collect each point concerning you and thus obtain the most exhaustive list possible. Also consider designing a reverse schedule if you have a big move to organize and have done it well in advance. This will allow you to be more serene on D-Day and to be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Steps to take and people to prevent:

A move involves a number of formalities, regardless of the region in which you settle in US. First, contact a moving company serving your area at least a month in advance, to make sure that they will be available on the day that interests you. This will also give you the time you need to fully study the details of the quote. If you are a tenant, you will also need to notify your land-lord sufficiently in advance. In the majority of cases, you will have to give 3 months’ notice. During this period, you will have time to carry out all the necessary adjustments and minor works to an inventory of fixtures without difficulty. However, be vigilant about the conditions of your lease: it may be that, if you leave your home during the first three years, you have compensation to pay.

If this notice period is not respected, you may also be required to find another tenant on your own, at the risk of having to pay additional monthly payments until the official end of your lease.

You should also remember to alert your insurance company to cover your new home against fire and water damage, as well as theft. Be careful, it is not enough to mention the move and your new address, it is also necessary to modify the description of the property (house or apartment, surface area, etc.). Indeed, you could have problems with your insurance if the document no longer corresponds to your accommodation.

If you have a cat or a dog, remember to change the address registered on their electronic chip: you must notify the ID Chips to do this.

Anticipate the packing of your goods:

When packing your belongings, start with those that are not immediately necessary: beautiful, more fragile dishes that you don’t use every day, clothes that you don’t wear all year round, household items. Decoration, etc. Take the opportunity to give or throw away what you no longer use: a move is often the ideal opportunity to take care of it. Write down on each box its contents and the part where it is intended. To do this, draw up a plan of your new home and indicate where the bedroom, dining room, living room will be located, so that the boxes and new furniture are placed directly in their place, which will greatly facilitate unpacking.

We also invite you to read our Moving company article to read other useful tips in your preparations, but also to choose your company, know how to read the quote, etc. Also consult our specialized article devoted to the advantages of the Lift service .

The condition of your current home:

You are a tenant ? You will have to leave your old accommodation in an impeccable state to draw up the inventory of fixtures after your departure. Some companies offer cleaning after moving , do not hesitate to inquire if you have opted for an “all-inclusive” service. Indeed, if your accommodation should include any damage, the cost of repairing them would be deducted from your deposit.

Services offered by moving companies:

The services offered by professional moving companies such as United Van Lines vary, this is why it’s recommended to request a formula adapted to your budget and your needs, by selecting certain services and assuming other tasks done by you, you can help lessen the cost of your move. The movers will then only take care of loading into the truck and unloading at destination, using a lift if necessary. If you prefer to entrust them with the entire removal, they will take care of the packing themselves (recommended if you have fragile objects and furniture, heavy and delicate equipment such as a piano, etc.).

There are movers like, who can also offer other services such as the provision of a furniture repository for furniture that will not find its place in your new home, the sale of packaging material (crates, boxes, covers, paper bubbles …) as well as the reservation of parking spaces with the municipality for the truck.

Ask several quotes from the movers on in order to compare their service offers and prices. Ideally, do your research a few months before the scheduled day.

Also consider taking out moving insurance to cover the items you are taking with you. You can ask for it at an insurance company or the company that takes care of your removal, if it is approved.

When to move?

The most favorable periods are during the beautiful days, from May to September. It will therefore be during these months that the movers will be busier and it will therefore be necessary to ask for your quote and book in advance. Weekend moves are often a bit more expensive than weekdays, but the advantage is that you won’t have to take time off from your employer. Some employers may allow a weekday off during a move, but this is not a requirement. Regardless of when you are moving, we advise you to contact the companies that interest you several weeks or even months in advance.. This maximizes your chances of being able to choose the date and collaborators that you prefer.

Other moving companies in US

Also discover other moving companies in United States, you will also find useful addresses in other regions to pack your furniture, transport it to your new home in complete safety and take care of its repositioning.

Finally, we also work closely with partners active throughout the  US , which we invite you, among other things, to discover in our Moving selection . Qualified companies are listed there offering tailor-made formulas according to your needs and your budget: elevator rental, provision of furniture storage, sale of packaging material, etc.

Are you moving abroad? Contact a company specializing in international removals. It will have the appropriate equipment to transport your goods across the border and can provide you with information on the administrative procedures to be carried out. You will find professionals in this sector on our international movers portal.

If you are a professional and you plan to move your company’s offices, we advise you to use a moving company specializing in this type of transport. You will find a selection on our office relocation portal.

Do you manage an industrial company ? So turn to a competent company to transport your machines and equipment safely.

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