Comparison between Wired and Wireless Game Controllers


To enhance the gaming experience, developers in the gaming sector are always introducing new technology and improving existing technology.

Making the choice between a wired or wireless video game controllers takes some thought because they are an essential part of the gaming experience. You might be debating if a wired controller is preferable if you are shopping for a gaming controller.

In the market you can get both wired and wireless gaming controller. Wireless game uses a battery to power while wired does not need any battery supply. Most people tend to prefer wireless gaming controller as it is portable and can easily be carried anywhere.

Let us see the pros and cons of both wired and wireless game controllerso that you may know which a better option is.

Wired game controller


  • Have a faster response: Wired controllers has a very fast response comparatively. In a game where even a few milliseconds matter, this will be a better option.
  • Low latency: Latency is the time needed for signals to travel from TV to controller which is much lower for wired controller.
  • No battery issue: Since no battery needed and hence you can play your game uninterrupted for longer hours.
  • Little chance of misplacing: Sincewired model cannot be carried anywhere you like and hence there is a very little chance of misplacing.


  • Requires more space in the room: Comparatively, wired controller can be suitable if the room space is sufficient, but for a smaller space it may not be suitable.
  • Often may experience a high input lag: When playing a game, you occasionally might be using a connected controller yet still notice significant input lag.

Wireless game controller


  • Can play even in smaller space: Wireless game controllers are compact in size and hence can be used at any place irrespective of space available.
  • Great design: Some of the wireless game controller for PC that you can buy from Pojifi has a great design.
  • More improved technology available: Even if there exists any drawback on wireless controllers more research is going on to bring out improved versions.


  • Need to charge the batteries: Unless the battery is charged, the game may get interrupted suddenly and spoil the fun.
  • Signal interference: Often Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal interference can slow down the responsiveness of the whole game.
  • May get misplaced: Since wireless gaming controller can be carried almost anywhere and hence there is an every likelihood that your game controller can often get misplaced unless you are careful enough.

Personal preferences determine whether to use a cable controller or a wireless controller. Different players have different playing styles, so a wired controller may be ideal for you but inconvenient for someone else. If you like to play competitive games while sitting near to your console, a wired controller is your best bet.

A wireless controller is the best option if you dislike being constrained in your movement. Also, if you have a very little space available in your room then wireless controller is the right option.

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