Do Automobile Insurers Price Match?


There is a heated argument about policies’ interchangeability. Although it isn’t easy to say that they are similar and one can replace the other perfectly, there are certain standards most of them follow when they are writing their wordings. The more you are inclined to believe that they are not far off from each other the more likely you will get the cheapest auto insurance quotes because you will be more comfortable with shopping around a bit.

You may have compared auto insurance rates and found a better offer. However, you may not be sure if it is worth the switch since the difference isn’t significant. Then, it is only natural that you wonder if your current insurer will match the price you have. It isn’t something rude to ask, especially if you are in two minds with switching.

Is Car Insurance Coverage Easily Replaceable?

This is actually a very personal question in many ways. Consider a scenario in which you needed coverage quickly and got a quote from one company a couple of years ago and took it. You really have no idea how good your coverage and carrier are. You never looked at it in detail and never needed to because you had no problems since.

Then, would you have a problem with replacing them or asking them to match the price you have? You wouldn’t care either way apart from it being easy to stay where you are.

Consider someone else who carefully designed his vehicle insurance policy, asked all the questions and dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. This person would feel more invested in it and worry about losing all the good benefits he/she nicely arranged. Also, the same person may not feel comfortable about asking for a price match.

Would They Do It?

Lately, companies have been trusting machines more than they do people. This is also a requirement of automation. If they don’t believe that their algorithm will deliver the perfect quote to a cent they should worry. Depends on how far they have gone on the believing thing and how available their agents are to respond to you.

The fact of the matter is that the quotes are based on the information provided. They can easily fiddle around with the information entered in the quote form, run it again and get a result that is more favorable to you. This is something certainly doable and some companies still do. For example, increasing deductibles by only $100 could reduce the premium enough to match the alternative price.

They could just get on with it and keep the business or they could give you all sorts of nonsense answers that it is all computerized and they cannot do anything about it. They certainly can. The question is; would they? The answer depends on the company and at times could even depend on the agent you come across.

You could just go for it and ask the question. Since you already have a better auto insurance quote in your hand, you have nothing to lose. If you really want to save money this is the attitude you should have. You lose the moment you are too attached to one provider emotionally.

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