Does CBD Increase Motivation?


The discovery and subsequent use of cannabis as an alternative form of medicine can only be classified as pivotal for mankind. The advent of technology has contributed tremendously to the improvement of the quality of our lives but in a way, it has also led to unimaginable stress for individuals. There are so many expectations loaded onto an individual, with very limited time to achieve them. Expectedly, many people in need of fast solutions have resorted to band-aid fixes. Caffeine has been the major culprit while energy drinks haven’t followed too far behind. In the short term they can be seen to be working to solve the problem at hand, but in the long run there seems to be more harm than good created. The possible likelihood of getting addicted to these stimulants as well as the harm that they cause to the internal organs of the body cannot be ignored.

Google defines motivation as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behavior. Having understood this, we can then loosely translate motivation as the ability to maintain laser focus and exhibit bursts of energy necessary to utilize that achieved sense of focus. Knowing this, it is easy to see why CBD derived from cannabis has become an obvious favorite amongst many individuals in a bid to increase motivation. Firstly, and perhaps one of the fundamental reasons why it has gained popularity is because it is plant based. We’re talking about something that is deemed to be natural and organic, which is the wave that everyone is trying to get on right now. Additionally, there is scientific research that backs up the benefits that are to be derived from CBD and we’re about to delve into all that right now, of course with regards to increase in motivation.

To achieve a state of motivation, it is necessary that there is consideration of a number of factors that could potentially block the attainment of that state. Are you achieving good quality sleep, is the diet that you’re indulging in boosting your chances of performing optimally, are you in a stress-free state? When you’re able to conclusively answer these questions, then engaging in things that boost your energy and improve your focus won’t go to waste on an already overwhelmed individual. You will inevitably feel much more motivated as you’ll have expended negative energy and left room for positive energy to fill you up and propel you forward.

CBD for Enhancing Feelings of Calmness

It’s pretty difficult to be motivated if you’re restless and jittery. To achieve anything tangible you absolutely have to achieve a certain level of calmness that allows you to think deeply and creatively and afterwards implement. In your brain, there is a chemical that is usually produced that regulates anxiety. It’s known as Serotonin aka the happy chemical.

Our bodies produce cannabinoid receptors namely CB1 and CB2 and these receptors are absolutely essential in the proper functioning of the Endocannabinoid system which regulates both our nervous and immune system. CBD being a cannabinoid itself positively impacts the functioning of these two receptors. In addition to these two receptors, there is another receptor known as the 5-HT1A receptor which is known to influence certain moods such as feelings of calmness or unease. CBD attaches itself to CB1 and 5-HT1A receptors which work to inform the ECS that there is a certain state of unease that is occurring that needs to be regulated and restored to a more desirable state. Usually by their own, the receptors function well, but with the boost of CBD, they function optimally.

When calmness is restored, you are able to think effectively and with clarity. This achieved state facilitates deep work which is usually a very high-quality type of work. When you’re able to consistently achieve significantly long spans of attention that allow you to effectively achieve the goals that have been set out, you inevitably become motivated. You’re literally on a winning streak, why would you want to stop, you strive to do more and achieve more and in essence earn more. I’d equate this to a degree of happiness.

CBD for Achieving Adequate Quality Sleep

Have you ever woken up from a night of tossing and turning and restlessness and your immediate thought was let’s get some work done? I think not. Usually, you’re grumpy, moody and have low levels of energy. Barely enough to push you through the day, leave alone to get and keep you motivated.

The inability to get an adequate amount of quality sleep may be attributed to a myriad of factors, top of the list being feelings that induce panic and pain in an individual.  Rest is an important component of life as it allows the process of recharging to occur to boost energy levels. Sleeping is in essence allowing your body to rest and reset, and when that process is obstructed, it’s only a matter of time before the body manifests that lack as an illness that requires medical attention. It is therefore inevitable that when you think of motivation, you most definitely consider a routine that allows you to get proper rest.

CBD comes in as a great help in achieving quality adequate sleep. CBD inhibits the production of cortisol. Cortisol is famously known as the stress hormone, and people who struggle with sleeping produce high levels of it. When there are reduced levels of cortisol produced, the result is that an individual feels sedated and expectedly, significantly reduced times where night awakenings are experienced.

Scientists recommend between six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to enable an individual to achieve maximum productivity. If you’re struggling with staying motivated at work and from reading this article have established that lack of sleep is the major culprit, research has shown that a dosage of 300 or 600 mg would work best to sort that situation.

CBD to Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories into energy, we all know that. This energy is what your body relies on to perform its basic functionalities, but when you’re required to do so much more than just stay alive which basically entails breathing and pumping blood, then you need much more energy to be produced to support the additional activities. This means faster metabolism.

Enter the ECS, our regulatory system which is known to influence processes like metabolism and appetite, whilst also performing functions like nutrients transportation and energy storage. However, this same system can also result in adverse effects such as blood sugar, blood pressure as well as belly fat when it is over activated. CBD helps prevent this from happening as it inhibits the CB1 receptor from over activation and thus this check and balance system actually ensures that metabolism is actually achieved at an accelerated level.

Another interesting ability that CBD has been found to have is the transformation of white fatty tissue to brown fatty tissue in your body. The white fatty tissue in our bodies is what can be termed as bad fat. I say bad because it has been recognized as having the potential to result in negative health outcomes such as heart disease or even diabetes. Its function in the body is that it stores energy within the body. The brown fatty tissue on the other hand burns energy and produces heat which helps a great deal in limiting weight gain. If you have more brown fatty tissue than white fatty tissue then you’re in a great place. Luckily for us, it is actually possible to turn the white fatty tissue into brown tissue and CBD just happens to be one of the compounds that can achieve that transformation.

With this, you are then assured that struggles of slow metabolism and low energy levels are resolved. It becomes easier to be more active in your line of work and fulfill your responsibilities as you’ve attained increased energy levels. I reckon that increased energy is a sure way of getting someone motivated to accomplish something.

The Verdict

Having covered the factors that affect motivation, it’s quite clear that CBD does indeed contribute in a big way to increasing motivation in an individual. The unblocking of certain pathways, inhibition of certain chemicals, enabling of the functionalities of some organs all come together beautifully to place an individual in a state that allows them to get motivated and be their best self yet. It then becomes essential that we discuss in what forms this CBD can be ingested to gain all these benefits.

How to Take CBD for Increased Motivation

CBD can be found in different forms and all of these different varieties of products vary in the time that they take to start functioning within the body.


This is the most commonly available form that you will find CBD in. It is the oil that has been extracted from the cannabis plant and infused into a carrier oil such as hemp oil to enhance its absorption for the use that it’s intended for. Like most oils, it comes with a dropper and this helps the user ascertain the accuracy of the dosage as you’ll be keen on administering the number of drops that has been recommended to you by the expert. It has been said to have a taste that has to grow on you, it may displease you. However, its effects kick in pretty fast and can be termed as significantly strong. If you’re in the market for a product that doesn’t take long to work then the oil might just be your thing.

CBD Capsules

For the reserved and cautious person, this is a definite way of getting your CBD dose conveniently and easily without having to worry about spilling oil. Each capsule has a definite amount of dosage therefore removing the pain of worrying about getting the correct dosage. Unlike the oil, the effects of the capsule take longer to manifest and this can be attributed to the fact that it goes through the digestive process resulting in less defined effects.

CBD Edibles

Remember how we said that the oil that is taken orally has a taste that needs to grow on someone, the inventors of edibles were thinking about this particular fact when they created them. Edibles are the most enjoyable way to get your CBD in. Like the capsules, they also go through the digestive system and thus the effects will be delayed. However, there is a danger in indulging yourself in edibles. Because of the wonderful taste that they have and the fact that their effects take a while to kick in, there is always that temptation to want to take more of it to fasten the process, and this usually always results in unruly and undesirable behavior.

CBD Vapes

This right here is for the seasoned enthusiasts. Vapes have the highest absorption rates of all the modes available. When you inhale from a vape, the compound is absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the lung tissues. You feel the effects literally a few minutes from the time you start inhaling. We cannot fail to mention the risks that are associated with vaping. The heat that is involved may at times result in a chemical reaction between the device itself and the vapor being produced and therefore expose you to unrealized risks.

CBD Topicals

The beauty industry isn’t one to be left behind when new discoveries are made, and this can be demonstrated by the number of CBD infused lotions, moisturizers, balms and creams available. If you’re not yet at the point where you want to ingest CBD orally, this may be a good alternative for you. This method ensures that you derive all the benefits without exposing yourself to risk that you’re unprepared for. The CBD penetrates your skin layer and gets to interact with the ECS system which then regulates the functions that were unbalanced.

If you have been struggling to get motivated and this article hit the spot for you, the internet algorithms in identifying a dispensary near me where you could engage the experts on getting you a customized solution that will work for you and get you where you want to be.

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