Emerging Trends we have seen and adhered to in 2020


What do we know about the concept of lifestyle?

What we adopt and how we behave while reflecting on our opinions is very important. However, what is more, significant is the fact that our views tend to change gradually. The original perception and how it changes slowly due to the environmental factors are referred to as a lifestyle. We can adapt our lifestyle on a different basis. Some of us might be cultural and would be inclined to follow rituals and traditions, whereas most of us are attracted to fashion, luxury, and being unique. All these perceptions somehow refer to the adaptation and reflection of an appropriate lifestyle. Before we can discuss further, I believe everyone should emphasise that the lifestyle of an individual is their choice which can be adapted as an element of admiration or preference. It should not be highlighted for questions or conflicts as everyone has free will over selecting their lifestyle and following it until they feel it acceptable and necessary to change.

Since globalisation factors have emerged increasingly and the world surrounding us has become more advanced and equipped with enhanced elements, it is perceived that an individual has reported a change within their lifestyle frequently. There are a handful of reasons why lifestyle changes for people and how it comes into being. Each year brings a new lifestyle for the population, and the mechanism of changing the lifestyle is indeed critical for being understood.

What Influences a Shift in an Individual’s Lifestyle?

We all survive in this world by doing one effort or the other, earning bread through our hard work and fulfilling the needs of those we are responsible for. However, life is not all about making and fulfilling responsibilities, but there is more to what we call personal space. In this space, a bread earner would want to save a certain amount from fulfilling their desires of owning a luxury home, a brand new vehicle, an expensive smartphone, enjoying a vacation trip abroad or anything that had been waiting within their bucket list. Indeed, all of these desires cannot be met once or in one go on WPC2027. Hence, the bread earner would be keen to make sufficient efforts to earn enough money, allowing them to easily opt for a particular desire and fulfil it without any hesitation.

Similarly, the search for more work and opportunities which could change an individual’s earning patterns ultimately results in a shift in their lifestyle. It is a common rule of economics in which we are taught about normal and inferior goods. Suppose I was earning an amount hardly enough to bear my travel expenses in public transport and the next month I secure a double raise in my salary. In that case, I will be stimulated towards owning a personal car rather than continuing my journey in public buses or metros’. Public transport becomes an inferior good to me while my car is the new normal now. This reflects a change in my current lifestyle and how I would prefer luxury.

At times, our social surroundings become a significant influence on our lifestyle as well. Basic human thoughts and perception can be explained as generating a desire to becoming equally rich and owning a luxury which can be in possession of a friend or a known person. Economic and social standards play a crucial role in our society. In contrast, while not even having enough financial support, individuals still aim towards keeping their lifestyles high to match that of others within their social circle.

Key Emerging Lifestyle Trends of Today

Online Dissertation Help UK enables you to highlight and understand some of the current era’s critical emerging lifestyle trends. Lifestyle trends could establish in any of the sectors. Be it health, fashion, way of living, etc.; a particular attitude adapted to reflect these become your ultimate lifestyle. Upon carrying out a brief assessment of people in our surroundings, we have come across some critical lifestyle trends that can be characterised for their significance and followership.

Presenting a Dining Experience from the Early 90s

While every other restaurant or a café today provides you with a free Wi-Fi facility, this new trend emerging in some regions where there is no Wi-Fi, and access would be granted only if the smartphones are switched off. This trend is reverting individuals towards a time when socialising mean talking to one another face-to-face, sharing jokes, routine-life experiences and having dinner/lunch together. This is indeed a creative thought, and it can change individuals’ lifestyle, especially in personal space, when we become more available for our loved ones.

Revolution in the Streaming Demands

A typical lifestyle approach was experienced within individuals when we heard of someone going to the cinema to watch the first show of a newly-released movie. However, the world today is focussing on the presence of web-cinema culture, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. which require a membership being taken solely or on a shared basis and poof you get to see the first show without the fight on preference seat or a houseful situation. In contrast, most importantly, you can watch it while covered in your favourite blanket, how cool is that? Indeed a lifestyle every one of us adopts today due to its availability and its affordability.

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