eSports & Gaming Video Content (VGC) Industry Overview


The eSports gaming video content assiduity includes the operations of organizers, guarantors, challengers, and advertisers clicked to eSports competitions, as well as the inventors and publishers of affiliated videotape game content. 

The Gaming Video Content (VGC) assiduity includes related online media platforms, games, advertisers, videotape games, and guarantors of videotape game players who stream and upload originally created content online, collect public following, and admit advertising or backing benefits. You can also use an L-shaped gaming desk to enhance the beauty of your room. The L-Shaped Gaming Desk is very attractive and durable. Click on this link to learn more about the L-shaped Gaming Desk.

The anthology will find it useful to dissect the two diligence in resemblant because they partake analogous request dynamics, motorists of growth, and target followership. Analysis of one assiduity will give sapience on both. 

Executive Summary

The eSports and Gaming Video Content diligence have seen rapid-fire growth in the once five times. This growth is anticipated to fast-track in the coming five times due to several factors the quantum of observers/ subscribers of VGC and eSports will increase, more advertisers and commercial guarantors will turn to eSports and VGC to diversify their profit, and further gamers will join professional species as catch pools grow. 

eSports is projected to have a 2017 profit of$ 693M and grow at a 5- time CAGR of35.6 to$1.49 B in 2020. (i) Its followership is anticipated to grow20.1 CAGR from 385M observers in 2017 to 589M observers in 2020. (ii) The VGC assiduity is farther along in its development but isn’t eventually a mature assiduity. In 2017, it’s anticipated to have a profit of$4.6 B and global followership of 666M observers (iii). By 2019, its followership is anticipated to be 743M. (iv) Nearly 75 of both the VGC and eSports profit is advertising and backing driven.

That trend should continue as commercial guarantors and advertisers cast about to tap into the pious, millennial demographic that constitutes the maturity of the online gaming ecosystem. 

The eSports request is still largely fractured as brigades and leagues continue to surface and set their system and profit models. You can use the Pink Gaming Setup to enhance the beauty of your room if you want. Pink gaming setup is especially preferred by girls. Click on this link to learn more about Pink Gaming Setup.

The VGC request is faster with two main challengers, Amazon- possessed Twitch and Google- possessed YouTube Gaming, conquering the request. The main threat associated with both requests is the lack of profitability as leagues, brigades, and guarantors develop their profit models. The main hedge to entry is the enhancing competition for top players and brigades in the stylish leagues. Investment groups from other traditional sports have formerly commenced investing millions of bones in brigades to capture the downside of the anticipated growth. 

Key Drivers & Trends

1. The Behavioral Trend: People are willing to pay to watch other people play video games –

In 2016, 609M people worldwide gave over 5B hours watching videotape game aqueducts of some kind on the internet. (v) (vi) This statistic alone highlights the most significant motorist of the massive assiduity growth people enjoy watching other people play videotape games, and are willing to pay to have a quality experience. 

Utmost VGC observers and eSports suckers are millennials, and utmost has a full-time job and earns medial to high income. (vii) As the Millennial generation – the generation that grew up with videotape games as its primary source of entertainment – grows aged, they’re seeking to watch their favorite pastime rather than play it. VGC platforms Twitch and YouTube Gaming accounted for 702M observers in 2016 – more observers than HBO, Netflix, Spotify, ESPN, and Hulu combined. (viii) This highlights the trend that further consumers are choosing VGC and eSports as their primary source of entertainment. 

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2. eSports and Gaming Video Content represent a new, untapped revenue source –

For times commercial brands have sought access to the growing quantum of hours youthful people spend playing videotape games. The growth, firmness, and availability of eSports leagues and VGC media outlets represent such an occasion. Of the estimated$ 696M of global request profit that eSports is projected to induce, 74 or$516.8 M will come from backing, advertising, and media rights freight, with some sources saying that number is overhead of$ 660M. (ix) (x) The Gaming Video Content assiduity boasts an estimated 2017 request profit of$4.6 B and an advertising profit of$2.8 B. 

This is mature in large part to its 666M worldwide observers in 2017. (xi) That number is projected to constantly increase at a 3-time CAGR of 21 to 743M observers in 2019. (xii) The advertising and backing profit aqueducts are anticipated to grow at an analogous place. This trend is especially apparent for professional sports clubs who view eSports as an occasion to diversify their profit aqueducts and capture those not preliminarily interested in traditional sports. Numerous NBA and professional soccer clubs in Europe and South America have inked professional gamers to represent their separate club in eSports competitions of every kind. 

The race to subscribe to competitive gamers is anticipated to consolidate as commercial brands hope to tap into a new profit sluice. 

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