How to Establish Steady Supply of Breastmilk Naturally


Breastfeeding is the best and safest option for your new born baby. It is because this milk contains some of the best God gifted nutrients and antibodies which has no alternative yet. Admitted! It is difficult to feed multiple times in day and also at nights but trust me when I say, the struggle is worth it. Many times women get worried and feel low that maybe they are unable to produce enough milk to feed their infants, which might leave the baby hungry but that is not true. Except for any medical conditions or any of your bad drinking habits, mothers produce enough milk. You can add a few breastfeeding drinks and follow these tips to certainly stimulate your breast milk production.

Look upon your latching position

The first and foremost thing to consider, when you are breastfeeding your baby, is to evaluate your latching position. Is it proper or not? Are you holding him properly, is he reaching to your breasts rightly? Without it your baby is unable to drain all the milk from your breasts well. It is the first step towards the journey of breastfeeding, if done accurately, the baby will be fed for a longer time, hence stimulating breasts working as a milk supply booster, resulting in increased milk supply.

Nurse your baby more often

A general rule of thumb is followed in the breast feeding process, that more demand in milk means more supply in milk. When the infant is fed from the breasts, it naturally activates the hormones which are responsible for producing milk. It is advised to feed your baby 8 to 10 times or every 3 hours in the whole day. By increasing feeding sessions and its longevity, you are actually promoting your milk supply. If your baby is sleeping or you are away from him, remove your milk from the breasts using a breast pump to keep the breast stimulation process in progress.

Feed from both sides

Many times mothers feel comfortable to feed from a particular side more than the other, that is not at all recommended. Instead you should focus on enabling each side to build up a strong milk supply naturally. A feeding mommy should offer each breast for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then switch to another. If your baby falls asleep during feeding,nudge him/her gently to continue feeding. This trick works as a milk supply booster and this results in higher fat content in milk, which is ideal for the baby’s growth and development.

Breast compression

While you’re feeding your child, ensure proper latching position and along with that give warm compresses to your breasts by your hands, which releases milk smoothly and opens blocked ducts, which makes your breasts much more tender and soft. This will drain all the milk, ultimately increasing milk production. Mostly mums prefer hand expression over breast pumps, because this can be done at the same time while they are feeding. This will save their time and no money spent on pumps. However, you need a little more time to be skillful in this.

Lactation boosting helps

A busy running life means you need some short cuts, like mothers desire to improve milk supply with some real quick fixes. They want some simple, ready to consume milk supply booster to overcome their hurdle easily. They can safely put their hands on breast feeding drinks available in markets such as smoothies, shakes and juices too. Also emergency brownies or lactation cookies are another good option to improve milk supply, and yes they work on most of the mums. Milky mama is a well known brand who are making these products to help worried mothers and also deliver at your doorstep for your convenience.


Galactagogue is a substance that supports lactation. There are many foods and herbs which are known for promoting milk supply, such as fenugreek, blessed thistle or brewer’s yeast and the list is long. They work differently on different mothers but they do work! You can use these breastfeeding drinks as brewed teas or even in powder form. These herbs have a rich history as milk supply boosters which certainly increase milk supply. The only thing to consider, is to ask your health consultant on its amount of dose and if any medical conditions you are suffering from, to avoid any side effects.

Stay hydrated

It is a well known fact that breast milk is composed of 80 to 90% of water. That simply means your body needs more water to make quality breast milk. It is very clear that you need to increase your fluid intake to meet that demand. So it is asked to have more healthy liquids like fresh fruit juices, milk and nutrition packed smoothies in your diet. Headaches, dizziness and thirstiness are common signs of water deficiency. If the symptoms occur, increase plenty of water.

Eat well

The food you are eating is the fuel to your body and the milk you are producing. A well balanced diet will help you produce good grade milk which is essential for your baby’s well being. Your calorie intake has increased up to 500 per day and to fulfill this need prefer all food groups with a protein rich diet as a priority. Wait! Don’t binge on junk food to overcome these extra calories. Eat well to stay well!


Stress gives a negative impact on your milk supply. It could be due to sleeping less nights, your hectic routines or maybe over thinking about your new responsibility. You must take restorative sleep spells and frequent naps during day time whenever you find a chance to relax yourself. This will give you some freshness and positive energy and thus your body will make good milk.

Ending lines

Breastfeeding is a journey of lots of sleepless nights and unparalleled joy. Mothers love to give everything to their babies but at the same time are worried whether they will be able to do it or not? Don’t worry all mothers are super moms who have carried the baby in the womb and now are going to feed them. You deserve a clap and lots of appreciation!

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