Event Planning Checklist From Top Event Planners


Managing an event is no piece of cake; it often becomes stressful. Therefore it is essential to have an event planning checklist, and what better to follow the footsteps of top event planners. An event checklist helps streamline all the event details; it makes sure that everything goes smoothly and effectively. Here we will discuss a generic event planning checklist, which would help cater to all the requirements of an event.

What does an Event Planning Checklist look like?

An Event Planning checklist may have a different format, but essentials would remain the same. Every event planning checklist has three crucial parts:

  • Event-Day Checklist
  • Pre-Event Checklist
  • Post-Event Checklist

Event-Day Checklist

In general, the Event day is the most stressful event management process. However, you can also avoid stressful situations by making an event-day checklist. The Event-Day Checklist will ensure that you avoid any disaster and complication and everything goes perfectly. It’s always a great idea to take guidance from an event planner in Sydney. On the day of the event, you will have a couple of hours before the actual event; therefore, it is the best time to tick every essential element on the Event-day checklist. An Event-Day Checklist would include the following points:

  • Confirm and coordinate venue with speakers and vendors
  • Ensure all decorations are in place
  • Make sure every essential detail is added to the website
  • Double-check all the branded elements
  • Check Audio-visual like internet, presentation, audio, and video equipment
  • Conduct an entire walkthrough to ensure everything is in place
  • Greet arriving guests, and check-in with catering

Pre-Event checklist

The Pre-Event checklist starts before 12 months of actually occurring the event. It is also better to plan out your event details long before it would occur; this helps streamline each detail. In the Pre-event checklist, necessary information like goals and objectives of the event. The Pre-event checklist is the foundation of an event; it includes the following essentials:

  • Event Management Template
  • Budget of Event
  • Design of Event
  • Event’s Overall look
  • Ensuring Quality Guests Experience
  • Leveraging Advertising mediums to promote events

Post-Event Checklist

You may wonder, what exactly is the need to maintain a Post-Event-Checklist; but not taking care of certain elements, in the end, is a big mistake. Now that your event went off fine, your work is not done; this is time to make a positive public perception which helps in the long run. The Post-Event Checklist would include the following points:

  • Send a survey to get feedback from visitors
  • Update website for next year event registration
  • Run analytics report to analyze event success
  • Share event success reports with team members
  • Thank your participants and guests
  • Leverage Social media to share the success of your event


To conclude, maintaining an event planning checklist is mandatory to ensure the success of your event. An event planning checklist helps streamline all the necessary steps of your event; it helps ensure that the goals and objectives of events are met successfully. Whether you go for an event planner or plan your event by yourself, outlining all the necessary steps Pre, Event day, and post Event are crucial for the success of your event.

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