Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Phlebotomy Services


The results of several medical tests are determined by examining a person’s blood sample. It is the most common kind of biological specimen that laboratories need to develop a result. Collecting blood samples is an integral part of clinical research and healthcare. The accuracy of the test conducted depends vitally on the blood collected. Thus phlebotomy services are considered very important. 

While most people generally visit centres to submit their samples, the COVID 19 situation has made the system rethink its infrastructure and services. People were terrified to leave their homes during the pandemic even for the bare minimum causes. It would have been extremely dangerous to visit a diagnostic centre for submitting blood samples in such a situation. Thus more and more centres enlisted for mobile phlebotomists who could visit homes and collect samples. This limited the chance of exposure to a large number of people, eventually contributing to the breaking of the chain. 

However, mobile phlebotomy services are not entirely new to the medical world. For years life insurers have been using this method as a convenient option for their policyholders. Patients who have mobility issues have also often considered mobile services. You can book phlebotomy services easily through a phone call. 

Mobile Phlebotomy

Mobile phlebotomists visit your home or workplace at your given time to collect samples. 

How Does Mobile Phlebotomy Services Work? 

Mobile phlebotomy services allow your blood specimen to be collected at your convenience. Whether you are at home or at the office, a trained phlebotomist will visit you at your fitting time and collect the sample. It does not take much time as venipuncture can be completed in a time of 10 to 15 minutes. 

Are Mobile Phlebotomy Services Safe? 

The safety of a mobile phlebotomy service depends on your chosen company. If you choose the right one that ensures safety, you are not at risk in the least. Generally, a good organisation hires only trained professionals to do the job. These professionals are committed to safety and use sterile single-use disposable needles and keep vinyl gloves on throughout the process. They also make sure that the specimens reach the lab safely.

Do Mobile Phlebotomists Only Draw Blood? 

Besides blood, mobile phlebotomists also collect fluid such as urine and saliva. Customers may also buy custom specimen collection programs that can include recording medical history and comprehensive screenings such as EKG reading, measurement of blood pressure, height, weight and pulse. 

Who Can Use This Service?

During the pandemic, almost everyone opted for mobile phlebotomy services. Luckily, the world is showing signs of healing, and we can hope for a scenario soon where you need not have to lock yourselves up in the house. However, this does not mean mobile phlebotomy services must go out of fashion. On the contrary, there will still be people who want to have it collected from home. 

Such services serve the ill and elderly the best. Many people must get their checkups frequently. It can be inconvenient for the elderly to visit the diagnostic facility now and then. They can simply make an appointment, and a phlebotomist will reach their doorstep.

It also works great for people who have a tight schedule or live far away from the diagnostic centre. Instead of wasting time travelling back and forth and waiting in the lounge, they can have their sample collected either from home or at work. 

The Benefits of Mobile Phlebotomy Services 

More and more people today are opting for mobile phlebotomy services due to the management advantages that they come attached with. So let us look at the benefits one may get from such a service. 


It is needless to say that having someone come to collect your samples is much more convenient than visiting a facility to do the same. People today have a busy schedule, and thus it comes as a boon to them. Some keep missing their appointment due to the lack of time, and mobile service can make up for that. 


Visiting the diagnostic centre often can be quite an inconvenience to both your time and wallet. Mobile services thus come as a cost-effective way of submitting samples for testing. 

Reduced Medical Risks 

Hospitals and diagnostic centres are a hub of patients. Consequently, such places can have the potential risk of disease transference. And this can sometimes prove to be fatal for the elderly and people with lowered immunity or chronic illness. Thus, mobile phlebotomy services for these people can reduce the risk significantly. 

Mobile phlebotomy services are the future of the medical system. It is convenient for the patient and for the lab and its specialists since they do not have to spend much of their time with the patient and can focus on the testing. It also makes the work environment safe for them and they work speedily.

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