Maximizing Your Fitness Routine for Greater Mental and Emotional Health


More and more people are realizing the importance of mental and emotional health to their overall wellbeing and vitality. If greater mental and emotional health is an important goal for you, here are some easy ways to fit some mental and emotional maintenance into your workouts.

Care About You

Okay, self-care is kind of a big deal these days. Everyone is talking about it. An article on mental and emotional health would be incomplete without mentioning it. Self-care is simply taking time to do things that make you feel good about life and about yourself. The fact that you are already taking time to workout and make fitness a priority in your life shows a great degree of self-care. The more you push hard in a workout, the more you should slow down and relax with a self-care activity. If you’re on your feet for a workout, try a quick rub of coconut oil with your favorite Young Living Essential Oils on the bottoms of your feet before you put on your socks and shoes. Self-care can really be that simple; it might only take two minutes, but those two minutes speak volumes as to how you think and feel about yourself: “I am worthy of care. I deserve to feel good.” The subtle self-talk that self-care initiates in you is a cornerstone of excellent mental and emotional health.

Use Yoga

Yoga is a great tool to incorporate into your fitness routines for greater mental and emotional health. Use it to replace your post-workout stretch routine. You can find numerous social media videos of short post-workout yoga routines to get yourself started. Yoga utilizes deep breathing and other breath techniques that help calm your mind and emotions while you stretch your body deeply and mindfully. Various postures promote the release of tension and help to balance emotions and mind. Studies point to yoga benefits such as making you mentally sharper and improving your mood. Combine those benefits with the physical benefits of being a great way to cool down and stretch after a workout and you cannot go wrong with adding yoga to your fitness routine.

Meditate a Little

Maybe you’ve tried to meditate and maybe you haven’t. Maybe you tried, but it just didn’t “work”. Well, maybe it’s time to try again. A little meditation goes a long way in mental and emotional health, drawing your focus to your inner being and connecting you more deeply to your inner resources of strength, calm, and peace of mind. With so many ways to meditate, before you give up, make sure you try various techniques and find one that works for you. A little meditation at the beginning and end of your workout time is a great way to get centered and focused on your exercise goals.

Nourish Your Mind

You fuel your body for exercise and health, now it’s time to fuel your mind for better mental and emotional health. Many processed foods contain toxins that build up in the body over time and contribute to conditions such as brain fog and mood disorders. It’s important, therefore, to eat a clean diet of whole foods as much as possible if your goal is to have greater mental and emotional health. Toss aside sugary protein bars and reach for some brain candy instead. Foods rich in dopamine and serotonin can help balance and improve mood. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, enjoy a cup or two of green tea, enjoy prebiotic and probiotic foods, and reach for superfoods like maca powder, which has been studied for relieving depression. You will find no end of amazing foods that benefit your mind and emotions.

Considering your mental and emotional wellbeing as you design your daily workouts is essential to achieving the complete health that you desire.

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