Five Reasons Why WorkRamp will Deliver Amazing Training Experience


WorkRamp is an amazing and user-friendly learning management system that delivers wonderful learning experiences for employees, partners, and customers. WorkRamp, trusted by top brands like Zoom, Paypal, and Reddit. With the help of WorkRamp, companies can build training programs, with these programs training canget delivered to internal departments and cross-department training can also get provided.

WorkRamp has recently been awarded #1Top-Rated LMS in 2021 by the Motley Fool.

WorkRamp is for organizations who wish to create an enticing training course for employees, as well as customers and partners. You can even sell your courses online by creating a white-labeled online academy as the system gets equipped for e-commerce.

I have jotted down five reasons why WorkRamp will deliver amazing training experience:

1)      Navigation is Clear and Simple

The interface for administrators is clean and direct. From the main menu itself, you will be able to create guides, paths, challenges, libraries, and other learning components. Since the interface is easy and simple, the admins can schedule live training events, can also upload Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) courses. This software supports three roles – admin, editor, and viewer. With the amazing user interface and user experience, more users adopt learning.

2)      Drag-and-drop editor

There are several course-building tools within WorkRamp, with the help of these tools interactive courses get created along with media-rich learning experiences. Instructors or trainers can upload or drag-and-drop videos, documents, images web elements. With a built-in recorder, you can incorporate audio, videos, and screen captures. You can collaborate with peers through advanced editing capabilities and folder structuring.

3)      Abundant free Integration

All integrations are available with every package. Leverage integrations to systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Zoom, and more. Trainers and employees can receive notifications of deadlines and events in their feeds by using various integrations by WorkRamp. You also have an option to integrate your systems WorkRamp’s open application programming interface (API)

4)      White-labeled training academy

With WorkRamp’s web editor you can make your custom-branded training academy where you can share courses with partners, and customers. Since Workramp gets equipped for e-Commerce, you can monetize the content you create for training. It has a built-in shopping cart. This training system lets you provide badges and certifications to external learners as well.

5)      Engaging Content

The platform of WorkRamp is creative and easy to use. We are well aware everyone loves training when it’s engaging and learns best when they are having fun while training.  With the help of built-in authoring tools, you can create engaging and exciting content. You can reuse PPTs, PDFs, and Videos and can even consume online video content, which will help in creating a fun training course. WorkRamp supports mobile learning too. WorkRamp has an amazing support system, with less than 1 minute of response time. With the help of WorkRamps’s analytics, you can optimize training and get closer to your goals. Make sure you compare the features and functionalities when you are shopping for an LMS. There are many features and supports avenues that get included in the pricing of WorkRamp that are add-ons in other systems.

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