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Foreign jobs in Singapore

Singapore is the world’s main financial center. This is a place of professional service in any field. The country is considered very attractive for expats who want to get into it even more than Canada, Australia or Zealand. Living and working in Singapore is the dream of most people on our planet. Here, legal work for foreigners is available in various fields.

Singapore is a modern state that is developing in step with the times. The authorities are focused on attracting qualified specialists from different parts of the world. Working in Singapore is not a dream, but a fully realizable project. Almost everyone can find a job in Singapore without intermediaries.

Why is employment in Singapore attractive ?

Singapore consists of several small islands that are united by the main island, it is called a territorial complex. The country is known for its high level of security. There is a free zone for businessmen. Various spheres of work flourish in the country: real estate, medicine, tourism foreign jobs in Singapore.

Professionals are always welcome here. Therefore, people of any state can find work here in their niche, the areas of information technology, economics, medicine are considered especially promising.

Finding a job in Singapore is a real challenge. In some cases, the employer offers to conclude a work contract. Salaries in Singapore are high and social security is considered a welcome bonus. Here, all the nuances of the contract are strictly followed, so you can work for pleasure, without fear for tomorrow.

Advantages of working in Singapore:

  • English speaking country;
  • High level of security;
  • Social security;
  • High level of wages;
  • Modern trends in the economic sphere;
  • Excellent conditions for business development;
  • Good investment offers.

The country is developing dynamically and supports advanced technologies in various spheres of life. All areas for a person are served at a high level, so it is very safe and comfortable to be here.

If you want to work in Singapore, then you should apply for a work visa. This is done in your state of residence. To draw up the document, it is necessary to find an employer in advance, sign an employment contract, and obtain permits for work. There are different types of work permits depending on your qualifications.

Types of work permits in Singapore:

  • A work visa to Singapore is opened for highly qualified specialists with a diploma of higher education and work experience in the same field of activity. The salary of such employees is at least $ 3,600 per month. Vacancies in this industry may include executives, senior executives, and entrepreneurs starting their own business in Singapore;
  • People with work experience and average qualifications. Salaries in this segment are at least $ 2,200. Employees can find jobs in construction, services and entertainment. It is also not uncommon for people with such qualifications to be employed as domestic staff;
  • Trainees and students. In this case, practice or temporary employment is provided for Ukrainians. The average contract term is six months. The salary level is at least $ 3,000, but there are exceptions. It all depends on the specifics of the job, knowledge and other aspects that are discussed directly with the potential employer.
  • In addition to the above work permits, there are other grounds for employment. These are the relatives of labor migrants. These include husbands, children, parents. Foreign students who officially study in Singapore can work. The first work permit for those who wish is issued for 1 year with the possibility of extension. Some vacancies have quotas. Work as a programmer and doctor is highly paid.

How to apply for a job in Singapore?

The best option would be to find an employer who wants to sign a contract with you. This can be done while in your own country, and so it will be right. Only after its registration will you be able to obtain a work permit and fly to Singapore.

You can find suitable vacancies on your own on the Internet or contact a special employment agency. It is recommended in any case to study the market on your own in order to understand what working conditions employers offer. The more you delve into this information, the more chances you will find a suitable vacancy.

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