Getting Back on Your Feet After Being Fired

Getting Back on Your Feet After Being Fired

You may do a few things to support your case review if you were recently dismissed and are looking for legal counsel about whether you have meritorious legal claims.

In order to navigate the different stages of legal procedure, it is essential to speak with a White Plains employment law attorney.

  1. Get a copy of your personnel file.

In White Plains, New York, you are entitled to a copy of your personnel file if you were recently fired. This is a written request that must be made. Send your old employer an email if you can.

Your former employer must answer your request within seven working days. Typically, they are not allowed to charge you for a copy.

2. It is important to know the truth behind your termination.

You have the right to ask your former employer for a reason for firing you if you recently lost your job in Minnesota. This request must be submitted by the 15th working day following the day you were terminated following the termination date. In addition to making a written request, you must also include all relevant information.

After receiving your request, your former employer must respond within ten working days.

3. Plan your timeline. 

You might want to create a timeline for the lawyer who will be analyzing your case. Your timeline should include significant dates and details, such as the day you started working for the company, any instances of discrimination or retaliation, the dates of any performance evaluations or plans for performance improvement, and the day you were fired. The timeline needs to be 1-2 pages long in most circumstances.

4. Make sure your documentation is in order.

The lawyer looking through your case might wish to see any documents you have that are important to your legal arguments. It may be crucial to your case if you have copies of reports or other records that discuss discrimination or retaliation you encountered.

Now that you’ve gathered this data, our attorneys will be better prepared to evaluate your legal claims.

Final wage payment

You should submit a written claim for payment of all salary and commissions due if you have been fired or otherwise dismissed from your position. All salary and commissions owed must be paid by your previous employer within 24 hours of receiving a written demand for payment.


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