Green house with artificial grass


If your green finger wants to plant a seed. Try to plant some trees. Because when it comes to planting grass, your green conscience knows better. It may be Mother Nature’s grass carpets dubai, but automatic watering. Chemical saturation and air mowing, which pollute the air of a “natural” lawn, are unnatural. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice the lush grass experience you love so much. Southwest Greens designs technical lawns and artificial grasses that look and feel real. Not just for your lawn, but also for golfers on the green

Every square foot of lawn or garden you plant will need at least 25 gallons of water to stay alive year round. For a 2,000-square-foot lawn, that’s 50,000 gallons of water that your automatic sprinkler will spray onto the ground. This is often used for grass that turns brown and burns for three months of the year from the sun and summer heat. Southwest Greens artificial grass for your lawn or golf course. This saves you two valuable resources: water and money, which you would have to dump down your outdoor drain.

Water isn’t the only thing you can pour on your natural grass. Most commercial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are loaded with chemicals. Imagine the effects of these toxins saturating the grass and seeping into the soil over the life of your lawn. This will not only have a negative impact on the planet and nature. But also children and pets that have your own lawn and should also be a playground. Turf and artificial grass are not only safe for them. But the softer and southwestern green backyard that the greens look like natural grass.

You don’t have to mow hundreds of miles of best supplier. But you also have that using a gas mower causes air pollution. A hundred miles road trip! While alternative energy models are emerging, carbon-intensive coal remains the main raw material for electricity production. Southwest Greens artificial grass does not need to be mowed by you. But it looks like you just did it. And your golf course will always look as elegant and beautiful as a professional.

Turf and artificial turf are so environmentally friendly that some cities offer discounts on installation because of all the water you will use for conservation in your community. Even the value of your home can be increased with artificial grass or a golf course in your backyard. The best thing is to save money with artificial grass as a by-product of saving the planet.

Water shortages in dry weather have turned large suburban lawns into luxurious spaces that fewer and fewer people can afford. Gardens where grass covers 90% or more of the land are becoming more unsustainable in terms of water use and costs incurred.

This is an opportunity for synthetic turf manufacturers to offer alternatives. Although many, including myself, disagree with the idea of ​​fake grass. But the water crisis is chronic enough to make an irrational comparison between artificial grass and real grass. In doing so, we can check various parameters.


Gone are the days when artificial grass had to look like a miserable and ruined carpet. Modern techniques improve artificial grass or premium products if you avoid excessive wear. If we compare and look at the facts, it is no exaggeration to say that most lawns of private gardens resemble cabbage.

Feel and touch

In terms of touch and feel, synthetic products have significantly improved. They were once tough, abrasive and spiky, but many fake grasses on the market today are quite soft and pleasant to the touch. Hardly a good place to hang out.


This is amazing! The cost of installing good artificial grass is about 5 times more expensive than laying a lawn after the costs of professional watering and tillage are combined. But even here, synthetic turf sponsors can point to ongoing and huge savings. Not only in water, but also in mowing, feeding and borders, not to mention labour-intensive practices such as weeding and weeding, aerating.

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