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The Council Tax bills are generally known as the “priority debt” which can lead to some serious situations when you are unable to pay your debts. In case, you are struggling with your debt payments, you must take help from any debt advisors as soon as possible. 

You will eventually need help with Council Tax debt when you are about to repay all the debts. All the best possible instructions are given here and you need to follow all of them to get out of the debts.

The Council Tax is a certain type of local tax that you have to pay on domestic assets or items that belong to your home. It helps to build up a quarter of overall incomes of the local authorities in England, Wales, and council tax arrears Scotland.

Most of the homes have to pay the Council Tax but, it will depend upon the following information. 

  • The entire valuation of your home
  • Your age
  • Income and expenses
  • Any other person who lives with you

In case you are facing difficulty in paying it off, you can take a Council Tax debt help from any appropriate organization for free of cost. 

What to do if you are Unable to Pay the Council Tax Debt?

When you are unable to pay off the council tax debt, you need to follow some of the instructions that are given below. 

  • Immediately contact the council and try to fetch some important information about the Council Tax debt help. Additionally, try to make an arrangement with the council to clear off all the debts or arrears. 
  • Along with that, try to make a copy of your budget and send them to show all the details of your income and expenses. Hopefully, they will be able to understand your situation. 

If you are not paying your debts or arranging the payment with the local authority, they will apply to the court and release a liability order. This can only happen if you are a citizen of England or Wales. In order to recover the debt from you, they can take more actions in the future. 

What will happen when you Miss a Tax Payment?

As you have got all the necessary ideas and information about the tax debt helpits best to pay off the Council Tax as soon as possible. In case you miss the payment of the Council Tax, the local authorities have legal powers to collect the payment from you. 

Sometimes, they also can appoint the bailiffs if you are a citizen of Scotland. The bailiffs will then start visiting your property. So, this means that the council tax debts can also be treated as the priority debts. 

Moreover, the authority might perform some activities when you miss Council Tax payments. They are as follows. 

  • When 14 days have passed and you still haven’t paid the tax debt, they will send you a reminder letter.
  • If you are willing to make the payment within seven days of the reminder letter, you are eligible to pay it on instalment. 
  • In case, you don’t pay the tax within the given 7 days, the council will ask you to pay the entire tax amount for the rest of the year. 
  • You also have another 1 week of time to pay off the entire Council Tax debt. If you failed to do so, the local authority will take you to court. Then the court will decide the necessary actions regarding this matter. 

However, the types of the court might vary depending upon your citizenship in England, Wales, and Scotland. 

Is There Any Way to Write off the Council Tax Arrears?

The council has the power to write off your tax debts. But, every council has its own terms and conditions regarding writing off the debts. 

The Council Tax can also be written off if you face Bankruptcy or afford a Debt Relief Order (DRO). In addition to that, you can easily get help with tax debt by taking the help of Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). 

If you take an IVA, then you can inform the council. Before informing, make sure to get approval from all your creditors as well. 

So, it’s quite obvious that no one can give positive feedback about the acceptance of the IVA advice by the local council. Also, they might not agree to write all of your debts at all. 

Hence, it’s best to discuss the debts with an advisor and decide the best way to pay the Council Tax debt.

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