Here Are Some Ideas To Set Up College Dorm Parties!


If you’re a college student, you’ve probably been invited to play host to a dorm party. These college dorm parties can be really fun for everyone — and there are lots of things that need to get done beforehand to make them run smoothly.

Here are some ideas to help you out.

Decide What You’re Going to Serve … and How Much

Make sure you know how many of your friends are bringing a date and how many guests there’ll be in total before you go shopping. It’s not a good idea to run out of food halfway through the college dorm parties — so be prepared! Look at your budget, too. If money is tight, think about serving something inexpensive like hot dogs or sandwiches as an appetizer. Or ask guests to bring a snack to share.

Decide Where to Have the Party

Most of the time, it’s easiest just to use your room. If you’re uncomfortable with that because your roommate is out of town, or you’re worried about people walking through his or her side of the room, come up with another plan. Is there a lounge in your dorm that has a TV and seating? A library? A community kitchen where guests can help themselves to snacks? Different options work for different groups.

Line Up Your Music

You will want to play music. But you don’t want the party to get loud. So, decide what sort of music works for your collage dorm party — and the ears of your visitors! Set the volume low and keep it under control. No one wants to hear a scream that says “I’m partying like it’s 2008!” (That’s what it sounds like when people try to make out in dorm rooms. Yikes.)

Get Some Games Together

You can always play drinking games like beer pong, charades, or seven minutes in heaven. Or make up a game (or five) of your own — as long as they’re fun and not too complicated. Challenge your guests to see how many things they can hold in their hands at once (a book, a pen, a phone, and a glass of water … go!); or turn on the TV and see who’s the first to spot their favorite celebrity or character. You may even want to make a scavenger hunt for something as simple as “doorstops” (the pieces of paper used as a doorstop).

Decide How to Pass Out the Alcohol

You don’t have to be stingy when it comes to alcohol, especially if you’re serving something more expensive than beer. Just be sure there’s enough for everyone — and that you’re storing extra food and supplies just in case! If your friends are underage, make no mistake: it’s illegal for them to drink. So make sure you know the age of your guests going in.

Get the Food Ready … and Keep It Cold

Think about how you want to prepare and store your food. Will it be served buffet-style? Or arranged on individual plates? Will there be a catered hot meal, or would you prefer to make one yourself? If you’re making something, plan ahead. Do some shopping before the collage dorm party. It’ll save you the hassle of running around in your pajamas to find something to serve at the last minute. If you’re using a caterer, be sure that all your supplies and food are ready when the delivery person arrives — and make sure everything is stored in your dorm room!

Trust Your Friends Will Show Up

Make sure at least half of your friends know about this party and will be there. If you don’t, no one else will, either. You can always send out a reminder text or email. And don’t forget — this isn’t a secret gathering. If you’re inviting many people through Facebook, you’ll need to tell the administration.

Remember — It’s Collage Dorm Party!

college dorm parties can be an excellent way to have fun with your friends while meeting new people at the same time. And as long as you’re responsible and there’s plenty of food and supplies, it shouldn’t get out of control. But make sure that you’re ready before the party starts.

Have Backup Plans

Finally, don’t forget to take care of any last-minute details during the party before it even begins. You might want to make a basket or box filled with empty glasses, popcorn, and other snacks so people can snack on them during commercials (just in case they get hungry) … or place extra dishes out to dry when people go to wash up.

Try not to stress too much. You’re running a party here — not a restaurant. It might seem like a lot, but with a little planning and organization, you should be able to make it run smoothly. You’ll probably have an awesome time!

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