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Erectile dysfunction, or ED as it is commonly known, is a disorder where a man is unable to get or keep an erection. It affects many men around the world, with a particularly high prevalence in the U.S. Luckily, men do not have to worry about the symptoms of ED anymore as there are different medications that can treat this condition. Some of these medications include sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil. 

Sildenafil was the first medication ever to be released for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is the active ingredient of the well-known brand, Viagra. Since its release, other longer-lasting medications, have been become popular among men with ED. These medications work in the same way as Viagra, but they can remain active in the body for longer. They also differ in terms of their price. When choosing which medication is best for you, you can take into account how safe each medication is for your particular health, how much each one costs and how long each medication remains effective in the body. 

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How Long Do ED Medications Last?

The length of time a medication can remain active in the body is known as its duration of action. This is not the same for every person because while some may experience the effects for the full duration of action indicated, others may experience the effects for less or more hours than that specified. These variations exist because there are a number of factors that influence how long a medicine can remain effective. some of these factors are your age, your gender, the dose of medication you are taking and your health. 

When comparing sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil based solely on their durations of action; tadalafil is the best option. This medication offers a 36-hour duration of action, as compared to that of 4 to 6 hours offered by sildenafil and four hours offered by vardenafil. The prolonged duration of action of tadalafil allows men to engage in sex more naturally. In other words, the erectile dysfunction treatment enables those taking it to respond to spontaneous sexual cues more freely. 

With that said, there are other areas in which sildenafil or vardenafil are the preferred option over tadalafil. 

Are These Medications Expensive?

According to some, Viagra and other branded ED medications are expensive. And while this may be true, our pharmacy provides generic versions of these branded medicines. A brand name treatment is one that is the first of its kind to be released to the pharmaceutical market. These medications contain an active ingredient that is new and is patented, meaning that no other manufacturers (other than the patent holder) can use it to make a pharmaceutical treatment. The reason branded medications are costly is because the medicine had to undergo extensive testing and advertising before being made to the public. It is through these costs, which are recovered in the price of the medication, that the name brand pill gets the reputation of being an expensive treatment. 

Generic variants, on the other hand, are identical copies of these brand name medications. They are made by manufacturers, other than the patent holder, and sold at ridiculously low prices. They contain the very same active ingredient as the brand name pill, but they are far more affordable. Yet, their affordability is by no means a sign of inferior quality. These generic alternatives are equally as effective and equally as safe as their branded counterparts. 

Which Medication Should I Choose?

Each ED medication has its set of pros and cons. Your decision should be based on your personal preference. For example, sildenafil generic variants can be found in an array of different formulations. Some of these include oral jellies and chewable tablets. If you prefer not to swallow a hard pill, then these options are for you. The jellies dissolve in your mouth and the chewable tablets can be chewed. You do not need water to take these and they are also discreet to use. 

Other factors that can sway your choice on which ED medication to use is the duration of action. If you are looking for long-lasting treatment, tadalafil is the ED pill with the longest durational effects. Moreover, you can also make your decision on the effectiveness of the medication. According to research, vardenafil is more potent than sildenafil. 

The bottom line, though, is that no matter which type of ED medication you choose; you will have an FDA-approved treatment to help manage your condition. Both the branded and generic forms are approved by a federal regulatory body and can be found on our online pharmacy. The generic versions, however, are significantly cheaper. 

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