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Laughter can do so much for the mind, body, and soul. It’s been scientifically proven it reduces stress and stimulates the brain, and the feeling of a body wracked with chuckles and out of breath is unlike any other. It just makes you feel good.

Comedy acts are a fantastic way to bring this feeling to your next event or gathering. They can loosen up a crowd and any awkward tension, and bring guests closer together.  

Consider hiring one of these talented acts for your next party.

Celebrity Impersonators

If you can’t get a celebrity to your soiree, settle for the next best thing – someone who very much acts and looks like them.

Celebrity impersonators are incredibly talented, emulating the most apparent characteristics and mannerisms of well-known people. Get political and hire a Trump impersonator, or go nostalgic with someone who brings Elvis back to life.

If you do go the way of a musical impersonator, you’re covering two bases since you’ll have some music for your guests to groove along with amidst the laughs.

Impersonators can also be quite interactive, so this is a great idea if you want to get the crowd involved. Many don’t need to be center stage to make an impression. Impersonators like to flit about the crowd and make conversation while in character.

Some are also keen to have photos taken with guests, providing them a memento of the evening and unforgettable experience.

Stand-Up Comedians

This is the more traditional way to bring a comedy act into your next event, and how we are most used to seeing humor on stage.

Comedians are fantastic because they cater to many crowd sizes and temperaments. You can find comedians who specialize in the type of comedy you think your guests would like most.

Some focus on physical slapstick bits. If your event is a corporate one, there are comics who specialize in workplace humor.

You can find someone who will involve the crowd in bits, or keep to themselves on stage if that’s what you prefer.

Improv Troupes

Improv relies heavily on audience participation, so if you know you’ve got a lively bunch this is who you want to hire.

It’s a form of live theatre that makes up scenes characters, plot, and dialogue on the spot. Sometimes the group has prompts or ways of picking these scenes, but they often ask for the audience to yell out suggestions.

No improv show is the same, so hiring such talent will ensure your guests have a very unique experience.

Comedic Musicians

Some comics heavily involve music in their sets, whether scarcely or full blown, much like the famed Weird Al.  

They might parody popular songs and turn them into commentary on current events and prominent figures in society. These familiar melodies can really engage an audience.

Some pen songs of their own, turning typical bits into musical numbers that have people rolling in the aisles, much like comedic musician Stephen Lynch. 

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