5 Effective Home Remedies To Stop Premature Ejaculation


30-Second Summary

  • Premature ejaculation persists as a widespread sexual issue in males. 
  • It can arise as a result of psychological problems as well as biological problems.
  • Home remedies for premature ejaculation can save people from embarrassment and furnish magical results if practiced regularly.
  • Having a healthy and nutrient-rich diet is vital for favorable sexual health.
  • Opting for the best testosterone booster can help in delaying PE significantly. 


Premature ejaculation is a common sexual condition in men all around the world and normally goes untalked as the affected person might be embarrassed by his condition. PE can have severe psychological consequences on a man that might lead to low self-confidence and frustration. A study revealed that premature ejaculation has a similar qualitative impact on the individual as erectile dysfunction. 

Though we generally blame stress for low intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT) leading to PE, the reality is slightly different. Stress could be one of the reasons for PE, but other factors, like drugs or alcohol intake, excessive oral sex, increased body heat, the varied constitution of seminal fluid, and age cannot be ignored. 

In this article, we aren’t going to talk about therapies, medication, and gym routines to help you delay orgasm. Instead, enlisted some of the most trusted and tested home remedies for premature ejaculation. This way, you can start working on improving your timing in the bedroom conveniently without anyone knowing about it. Let’s get started! 

Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

Though PE is a common sex-related problem in men, the reality is -talking about it is still taboo. Men find it humiliating to discuss with their partner that often leads to unhealthy relationships, and in such a scenario, considering professional or medical help is out of the question. But there’s nothing to worry about! Here are some of the most effective home remedies for premature ejaculation that will save you from embarrassment. Have a look:

  1. Eating food containing zinc and magnesium – Diet affects our body in innumerable ways, and the sexual health of a man is no exception. If you have been experiencing early ejaculation, chances are your body is lacking some essential nutrients. It’s time to focus on the food you eat.

Zinc – Zinc is responsible for boosting immunity in our bodies and maintaining optimum levels of hormones. Since testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that steers sexual capacity, zinc deficiency might be the reason for your untimely orgasm. Start including red meat, beans, nuts, oysters, and whole grains in your meals to get rid of PE forever. 

Also, you may want to look up some male boosters that contain sufficient amounts of zinc that aid your body in producing more testosterone. Reading a VigorNow review or two may help you understand how supplements influence the body’s ability to secrete more male sex hormones.

Magnesium – A study in 2006 indicated that a low level of magnesium in seminal fluid is potentially linked to PE. As magnesium is responsible for blood circulation, muscle function, and nerve control, its correlation with PE is obvious. All you need to do is include leafy veggies, fish, nuts, and other Mg-rich foods in your diet, and premature ejaculation will never block your way to desired sexual pleasure.

Different bodies react differently to nutrients and minerals and the chances of a magnesium-rich diet not suiting you well isn’t negligible. Talk to your doctor if you encounter any signs of allergies to magnesium and switch to other food products that have no side effects.

  1. Regular consumption of ginger – Ginger is known for enhancing blood circulation and body-heating properties. Its regular consumption can help you retain an erection for an extended period and grant you more control over ejaculation timings. For best results, mix ginger with honey and consume it daily with water. Honey increases the efficacy of ginger and will bring results sooner than expected.
  1. Kegels – It is no secret that Kegels can cure premature ejaculation and are also advised by doctors in cases of incontinence. The best part is – these techniques are simple and could be performed anywhere, anytime. 

Weak pelvic floor muscle is one of the prominent reasons for early ejaculation, and practicing Kegels regularly can bring surprisingly positive results. It won’t only strengthen your muscles around the penis but also contribute to better blood circulation.

You can also opt for male enhancement supplements like VigorNow, to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. Before making a purchase, go through every VigorNow review and understand its components and ingredients without fail.  

  1. Masturbating before sex – This is the simplest remedy of all. Masturbating a couple of hours before indulging in sexual activity again can delay the orgasm considerably the second time. It will lower the intensity of sensations, and you will be able to control your peak for a longer time. Since you have already had an orgasm, your body will not react as aggressively the next time. 

Ever ate too much starter and left no space for the main course? The same logic applies here!

  1. Using condoms – Most men who skip wearing a condom during sex complain of reduced sensations due to the rubber barrier. Well, this uncomplicated product could be your savior! Condoms can dim the sensations during sex and help you last longer. You can also try condoms that come with anesthetic effects that numb the penis for a bit and stop the urge of orgasm.

There is also a plethora of enhancement supplements present on the market to help you take control of your sexual life. If you are searching for one, check out the best testosterone booster to improve your performance in the bedroom.

Do not forget to have a look at Health Web Magazine‘s reviews of such supplements. They provide a detailed overview to help you pick the right product.


People usually rely heavily on medication in cases of sexual problems as they seem more promising. However, getting medication could burn a large hole in your pocket and also result in side effects. If you are entrapped in a cycle of Acquired PE that began occurring at a specific stage of life or if it happens infrequently, the recommendations above can be lifesaving for you. 

Combining home remedies for premature ejaculation with exercises and supplements is a great option if you want quicker results without any hassle. 
If you are looking for supplements to improve your body’s sex drive, make sure to select the best testosterone booster. These supplements will not only enhance your performance but also delay the peak for extended pleasure.

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