How are NCERT Solutions Useful For Class 11 Hindi Exam?


Hindi in classes 11th and 12th is not tough to tackle but demands good writing skills. These can be developed gradually over some time, through practice and hard work. Hindi is a theoretical subject and most of the students find it burdensome due to lengthy answers and the possibility of committing grammatical errors that can create a significant impact on the whole performance. Every subject has its pros and cons but if you just focus upon the cons, you will likely try to get away with the subject rather than enjoying the beauty it offers. Even though the text that has to be covered is lengthy, you are likely to be amused by the benefits that it has to offer. Do you think NCERT Solutions are extremely useful for the Class 11 Hindi exam? To arrive at a satisfactory conclusion, go through the article and find out. 

NCERT textbooks are very useful for students. Hindi NCERT Textbook Class 11 offers credible information that is easy to read and understand. Moreover, the meanings of the difficult words are also provided at the end of each chapter for a clear understanding. It is very useful to refer to the NCERT Hindi textbook for Class 11 due to the following reasons:

  • They are all-inclusive in nature which means that students under the CBSE need not worry about any question being out of the syllabus because NCERT textbooks are developed, keeping in mind the curriculum followed by the CBSE. A question that shows up in the exam being out of the syllabus is a very rare possibility.
  • Enhance the learning skills of students by providing short and long answer type questions at the end of each chapter in the exercises section. NCERT textbooks are a whole package of knowledge, wisdom and expression and provide clarity of the chapter through the effective use of exercises at the end of each chapter. If you practice these exercises, it will be beneficial to write a complete answer because the core idea behind the question will remain the same even if the language of the question changes in the examination. 
  • These textbooks promote self assessment as students can attempt the questions provided in the exercises to get some idea about the form in which a particular question can be twisted and may show up in the examination. Due to the lucid text, students can easily relate to the text provided in the textbook and perform well in their exams by mastering the basic techniques of solving complex problems.
  • They are Considered best for board exams as they strictly adhere to the syllabus offered by the CBSE. The curriculum followed in Class 11 is the foundation for Class 12. So it is essential to have good knowledge about the basics which can be easily covered through NCERT textbooks. 
  • NCERT textbooks enable thorough revision of topics when a considerably less amount of time remains for the examination. Students can revise by going through the text seamlessly. Unlike other textbooks, NCERT textbooks can be read by students very conveniently. 
  • Helpful in developing writing skills because Hindi is a language that is written correspondingly to the way a person speaks or engages in any conversation in real life. So, if a person is reading from a textbook that is rich in vocabulary, it is likely that the use of such words will develop the writing skills of the reader. 
  • NCERT textbooks improve the vocabulary and pronunciation of the readers. Even though the text is easy to read and interpret, the accurate and desired usage of certain words, phrases, idioms and proverbs ensure that the text adds some value to the life of the reader. The use of these words enhances the vocabulary and pronunciation of the reader.
  • The interesting and fascinating nature of the text allows the readers to not only read the book for the sake of passing an exam but become a part of the story or the plot or the poem in consideration. If you enjoy what you read, you are likely to retain sufficient information about the text and the formation of a complete and compelling answer becomes more convenient.
  • Correct usage of grammar in the text is another compelling factor for choosing NCERT textbooks, especially for Hindi because grammar plays a dominant role in this subject. The knowledge of proper application and usage of grammar is very essential to form a conducive answer which is complete and includes sufficient content demanded by the question. 
  • NCERT Solutions offer detailed explanation of the poems written by various authors. Since they are written in a particular dialect of Hindi, a detailed explanation becomes necessary to understand the idea behind the poems and the message that the poet is trying to convey to the reader.    

So, these are the benefits of Hindi NCERT Textbook Class 11 which will help the Class 11 students score good marks in this subject. Students should also focus on improving their handwriting because legible handwriting will fetch you some extra marks. After all, the examiner will not need to put in efforts just to read your answers. So, it is essential to maintain readable handwriting throughout the answer sheet. Moreover, any language examination is tedious and demands adequate time management. Thus, maintaining a steady pace and finishing the examination way before the designated time will work in your favour for sure because sufficient time will be available for revision as well. Last, but not least, Students must practise writing in Hindi because it is essential to avoid committing spelling mistakes. If you commit unnecessary spelling mistakes, it is bound to downgrade your performance in the exam. 

If you have read the article, you must be in a position to figure out the importance of NCERT solutions. So start your preparation, keeping in mind that Hindi NCERT Textbook Class 11 is a credible resource and will be sufficient to get the desired score. Wishing you luck for your examination. Just remember the importance of NCERT solutions.   

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