How can I get my cat to stop jumping over the fence?


Now that you’re aware of the possibility that your cat could jump over cat fences, it is up to you to act. You want your cat to be as safe as you can. This means you will do your best to make sure they don’t get into trouble when they leave your yard. Here are some ways to accomplish this. 

1. Move the Fence Higher 

If your fence’s height is low, it should be raised. A healthy cat can jump quite high, so make sure the new fence is tall enough that they are safe in your yard. A fence between 9 and 12 feet should suffice. It will also keep intruders out. 

2. Make a fence using roller bars 

Roller bars can be placed above cat fences to stop your cat jumping over it. These bars can move when your cat’s foot touches them. This may be enough to work. You should be aware that your cat could sustain minor injuries. Your cat might be able, without having to balance on the fence, to leap over it. 

3. Use Anti-Cat Strikes on your Fence 

Another option is to add specially-made anti-cat spikes to your fence. They’re blunted rather than sharp so they won’t cause any injury. However, your cat will not enjoy the feeling of them under their feet. Make sure your cat is on top a high fence. Because your cat may jump over a fence that is lower one.

How high can a cat leap from cat fences 

Cats are great climbers and jumpers. They are agile, lean, tall, and eager to achieve such feats. A good cat can jump over a fence from 6 to 8 feet high. Cat fences should be between 9 and 12 feet tall to keep your cat safe. 

There are many different fence types that you can use to keep your cat inside your yard. We recommend you start with a tall fence that is equipped with roller bars. If this is not enough, you may consider a fence equipped with anti-cat spikes. This should be sufficient for your cat to not escape. 

How long can my cat fence really last? 

Cat fences can be different. Your fence’s longevity will depend on several factors like weather conditions and the type and quality of the material. If your area is covered in snow, you might consider building a fence using wood slats. You can also use mesh in tropical areas. 

How do I ensure that my cat fence does not keep other animals out? 

Cat fences can keep most animals out, depending on how large they are. They will be more effective at keeping out cats that are shorter than them. Coyotes and dogs might be able jump over them. If you have a problem with predators in your neighborhood, you may need to increase the size of your cat fence.

What Are the Options for Cat Fencing?

Cat fences are affordable. When it comes to installing cat fences to your properties, there are several options. Cats, dogs, will respond to standard invisible gates. Invisible fencing lets your cat know where boundaries are without the need to have a physical one. Other options include shelves that aren’t allowed cats to climb on top of fences or rollers placed on top of existing fencing. Cats are very agile and can scale almost any fence, especially if they can hook up their claws.

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