How Did Computer Protection Glasses Work To Reduce Eye Strain?


With jobs being computer oriented day by day, looking after your eyes is becoming more and more essential. Unfortunately, staring and working at a screen for a long period can have many side effects – eye strain or blurred vision known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

As per recent research, around 75-90 % of computer users suffer from digital eye strain. Hence, taking care of your eyes has become an essential part of anyone’s life to avoid vision problems in the upcoming future. And opting for the right computer protection glasses can be the first step towards taking care of your eyes. 

Computer glasses can protect you from eye problems like digital eye strain as these glasses block blue light coming from the screen.

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital Eye Strain symptoms involve eye twitching, irritated eyes, headaches, red eyes, double vision, eye fatigue, or blurred vision. Furthermore, it can cause shoulder and neck pains that can lead to severe problems in the future.

How serious can Digital Eye Strain be?

As per the Vision Council, 80% of users report using digital devices for more than two hours a day, and 50% of them are experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain. Digital eye strain can become so severe for your eyes that it may even lead to blurred vision or no vision at all. 

In today’s times, kids are also studying digitally, and their continuous day focused on the screen can cause digital eye strain that is so severe for them. In addition, kids’ eyes are more likely to be damaged than adults’ as their eyes receive more blue light than adults. Therefore, opt for ‘kids’ blue light glasses to protect their eyes from severe symptoms.  

What is Blue Light?

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital per day. But, unfortunately, we mostly live our lives over our smartphones. But this prolonged use of digital devices increases our exposure to blue light that can cause harmful effects to our eyes, leading to digital eye strain or trouble sleeping.

Blue light can be good or bad for you, just like exposure to sunlight UV rays. Therefore, how can you protect yourself from the severe effects of blue light?

●   Avoid using digital devices before bedtime- As per research, blue light exposure can cause trouble sleeping.

●   Follow the 20-20-20 Rule- Take breaks while using digital devices. Follow the 20-20-20 rule-every 20 minutes take twenty seconds to look twenty feet away.

●   Get blue light glassesBlue light glasses are designed specifically to block blue light exposure and ease digital eye strain.

How do computer protection glasses work?

Computer protection glasses reduce the risk of digital eye strain by adjusting the focus a bit so that the eyes are focusing on something that is further away. Furthermore, such glasses have a tint to block blue light and remove the glare from entering your eyes.

Do Blue light glasses for kids work?

Blue light glasses are perfect for kids to protect their eyes from exposure to blue light at school or home. Such glasses filter out a range of blue light wavelengths that reduce the cause of digital eye strain in kids. Blue light glasses can cut your kid’s exposure to blue light by 80%.If you are worried about your kid’s eyes and want to protect them from the blue light exposure, then opt for blue-light-blocking glasses for kids. They are perfectly suitable for your kids and protect against the blue light and reduce the risk of digital eye strain.

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