How does a Credit Card Payment work on the Internet?


When you have entered your personal data on a website, you can usually choose the payment method. If you decide to pay by credit card, there are usually two possible scenarios. Either you stay on the website of the merchant and enter the credit card details there directly (pay attention to the https: // encryption and the other tips mentioned above).

Alternatively, you will be redirected to another website where you have to enter your data. This is often the case when merchants do not have the necessary security structure to process credit card data. They then forward the customers to a third party for payment. This in itself is not relevant to you. However, you should also pay attention to the reliability and encryption of the website when forwarding. You should only enter your details when you are sure that everything is in order.

What data do I have to enter for payment?

But what exactly do you have to enter if you want to pay on the Internet? Basically, the following data can be requested:

  • Credit card number (for every payment on the Internet)
  • Expiry date (for every payment on the Internet)
  • CVC or CVV number (for most online payments)
  • Name of the credit card holder (for some online payments)
  • Billing address of the credit card holder (for some payments on the Internet
  • Sample credit card

The credit card number and the expiry date of your credit card can always be found on the front. In most cases, the credit card number has either 15 (American Express) or 16 (Visa and MasterCard) digits. The expiry date is usually printed in MM / YY format. When entering the date, make sure that you do not accidentally enter the issue date, which is also found on some credit cards.

Chances are you’ve never heard of the terms CVC and CVV. It is a security number that has been around on credit cards for a number of years to make online payments more secure. Basically this is a number on your card. Please do not confuse this number with your PIN. You never have to enter this when making payments on the Internet. The CVC or CVV number has either three or four digits, depending on the provider. This CVV number can be bought online through several channels. You must go through apps verification to figure out trusted platform to buy CVV. Such platform or channel is called as CVV shop.

In some cases, you must also provide the name of the credit card holder and the billing address when paying with German retailers. This is usually necessary when you shop abroad.

Dealing with the PIN

The PIN should never be given to outsiders, not even monetary establishments or charge card organizations know the PIN; neither public authorities (for example cops) nor workers of monetary establishments will hence lawfully request the PIN.

  • It is ideal to become familiar with your PIN by heart and obliterate the PIN letter.
  • Under no conditions should the PIN be noted down anyplace – particularly not on the installment card! Likewise not masked as a phone number or comparable in the location book.
  • When entering the PIN at the money container or at the money machine in stores, ensure that no one can notice the cycle; cordially however immovably ask meddlesome individuals or asserted aides to stay away.
  • Cover up the PIN passage by holding your hand or wallet near the console as a protection screen. This makes spying out impressively more troublesome.
  • Never enter the PIN on entryway openers, not even at banks. In such cases, inform the police right away.
  • Do not adhere to any directions that request that you enter your PIN a few times.
  • Do not give your PIN when paying and ensure you return your own installment card.
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