How Remarketing Can Help Your Business Bounce Back Post-pandemic


Many businesses have suffered great losses during the pandemic when the spending power of people has diminished. But as the economy is slowly bouncing back, more people are willing to spend again. 

These people are the main targets of remarketing services. According to a report, 97% of online users who visit your website for the first time won’t buy anything. An SEO agency with experience in remarketing can help you bring them back.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a form of digital marketing that targets online users who have visited your website, whether they have or haven’t taken any action. Users who visit your website leave information which marketers use to make new marketing campaigns and ads. Why? Because this specific population has already shown interest in your business, and they only need to be reminded about it.

It is called remarketing because you are targeting past visitors. It will be like a second chance to impress or remind them about your business and what made them decide to visit your website in the first place. Remarketing is also an excellent way of retaining old customers by constantly reminding them about the positive experience with your business. 

Because you aim to bring past users back to your website, consistency is key in bringing the message across, and you can use any platform they frequent for your campaigns. 

Benefits of Remarketing

  1. Builds Brand Visibility

An SEO agency follows a rule for remarketing, delivering your message at least seven times to make sure that your message comes across. The constant remarketing campaign can thus increase your business’s visibility while hoping to reach your target population of users who have already visited your website and expressed interest in your brand. 

  1. Cost-efficient

Businesses know that placing ads on search engines is expensive, and the cost is rising because pricing is based on an auction system, and at a time when the growth of the economy post-Covid19 is uncertain, businesses would be hesitant to make huge investments. But contrary to search engine ads placement, the cost of remarketing ads is significantly lower. And if you analyse it, it will provide the same effect as posting independent ads that aim to attract new users to your website at a cheaper cost making it more cost-efficient.

  1. Creates Customer Loyalty

As mentioned above, remarketing campaigns involve the constant placement of ads in the hopes of bringing back online users who have visited your website in the past. But remarketing can also target past clients who have purchased from you in the past, creating customer loyalty.

  1. Builds a Lasting Relationship

When you create remarketing campaigns, your main aim is to bring awareness and recognition to your brand. While creating awareness of your brand, you would inevitably constantly communicate with your audience and build a lasting relationship, especially if they see that your business has a strong brand image.

  1. Introduce New Collections and Move Old Inventory

You can do your remarketing campaign in any way you want, and one effective way is by introducing new collections. This could attract past users who have visited your website in the past and remind them why they visited your website in the first place. Conversely, you can create ads that will feature old inventory, especially those you couldn’t sell during the uncertain times brought on by Covid-19, by holding sale events. 

Remarketing is an excellent way of bringing back previous users and convincing them to complete a purchase. This strategy will also effectively create brand loyalty, awareness, and a lasting relationship with old and new customers. No matter how you do it, the most important factor is that you would have a reputable marketing agency to carry this strategy out for you to get your money’s worth. 

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