How to Accessorize your Favorite Fall Outfits


Finally, fall! And the excitement of changing wardrobe is in the air. Whether you are recycling last year’s fall collection or looking for a few new pieces to get into the 2021 trend, creating that statement look with chic accessories will make your ensemble pop. 

If you are looking for trendy yet wearable fashion, these are our top picks. Expect some familiar pieces from last season such as bucket hats or timeless gold jewelry with a twist. But we are more excited about functional accessories which can come in bright designs to match your mood or neutral to earthy colors to match an everyday look. 

Don’t be afraid to cover up in style.  Let’s take a look at what we think are the biggest accessory trends for Fall of 2021.

6 Accessory Trends for Fall 2021

Head Scarves

The head scarf is a fun piece that you can play with. Experiment with textures and thickness, from silk to knits. Give yourself a polished look with a long silk scarf that drapes down to your waist. Not warm enough? Try double layering it with another scarf of cotton texture underneath.

Bucket Hats

Just when we thought the Bucket Hat was making its exit, it finds its purpose again in 2021. If you aren’t convinced, you may be surprised how bucket hats weirdly fit any wardrobe. It can practically be worn by everyone, male and female, young and the young at heart. Sport that bucket hat with your casual wear at any time of the day.


If there is one thing we have been getting used to seeing, it’s masks. Who knew you could turn it into a chic accessory after the commonly used disposable surgical mask? Clothing brands have adapted and become more creative introducing a new category in their collection, Fashionable Face Masks. Find your style and a face mask to match with your fall ensemble.

Hands-Free Bags

Probably one of the biggest accessory trends for fall would be the Hands-Free Bag for whenever you need a quick trip outside. Be it a belt-bag, a cute cross-body bag or a sling bag, a modern hands free bag is versatile and can be worn in many ways. Keep your tiny-sized essentials like alcohol, sanitizers and towelettes along with your cards, wallet and phone into this compact piece. A leather belt bag would be a perfect look for women to snatch that waist as well. 


There is no denying that some of us love wearing solid colors during the fall season. What better way to make that statement but subtle look than with modest modern jewelry. I personally like the framed cuffs and bangles over chunky styles that look heavier. Try combination pieces that match with dangling earrings and a necklace. But the trick is not to go overboard. Here, sometimes a little goes a long way.

Carry All Bags

In the bags category, we surely want something that fits more than the essentials especially for work, leisure or for longer trips outside. Carry all bags are practical, stylish and best if they are functional. But how big should it be? I personally use my laptop as my point of reference. Carry all bags should have the capacity to carry your laptop and your other essentials. It should also be comfortable to wear on your shoulder and on your arm. Try a pop of color against a monochromatic outfit.

We hope this list gives you the confidence to try something new this fall. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It doesn’t have to be loud, but something you are comfortable flaunting. Show your personality while staying warm.

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