How to advertise your products on Google ads

Google ads

Many consumers prefer online shopping to physical shopping. With smartphones and desktops, consumers can shop anytime wherever they want to. According to Invest, more than 25% of online shoppers shop at least once a week. With online shopping, you can see the product online today and decide to buy it immediately.

Early on, you could see a product but had to wait for weeks or even months for the product to be delivered within your locality. With a click, you can get your goods delivered instantly. It’s therefore important for your business to market its products online. And which is the king of online marketing? Google Ads!

If you need some outfits today, where will you search for them? You will search for the outfits in Google search. This makes Google Ads the best place to commence online marketing. Growing your following is not easy, you should therefore use social platforms to increase your following. If using Twitch, for instance, you can buy Twitch followers

While advertising with Google, you only pay for successful ads. Unlike other forms of marketing such as personal marketing where the costs are incurred whether the adverts are successful or not. This means that your business will only pay when the user who has clicked on the ad visits your website or pays your business a call. Ready to increase your sales? Below are ways of marketing your products on Google ads.

1. Use Google shopping Ads

Have you wondered why some ads are successful while others are not? Are you aware of the impacts of images on our brains? Our brains easily respond to images more than texts. If planning to create an ad, you should know that text-only Google ads won’t appeal to your customers. I mean think about the last time you bought something.

 Think about the best presentations you have ever had. One of the highly ranked and valued presentations is that of Steve Jobs’s “Launch of iPhone”. This presentation involved minimal use of sentences. It employed very many images and symbols. This is the same principle you want to apply to your ads. You want to keep your phrases simple and on point. Moreover, use catchy and appealing images which may keep your customers hooked.

Here is a practicable example of the same. If you want to purchase a pair of shoes today, do you buy them based on the written description about them or based on what you can see? If you can see them and say, “Wow, this is great”, then definitely you will buy them otherwise you won’t regardless of the description about the shoes.

Rather than having a Google ad that is full of texts, use Google shopping ads. Shopping ads appear in three places in the Google search engine. These include search results, images, and a shopping tab. While using Google ads, ensure that you include a photo of your product, the price, merchant name, products title, and even promotional message. But how can a beginner set up his first shopping campaign? 

All you have to do is have a Google merchant center and Google AdWords accounts and link them together. Where else can you have such a deal? This is a pure delight, you want to try it out for yourself and enjoy its benefits. Even better, after creating your shopping campaign, google automatically creates ads and makes them available to your relevant customers on Google and around the web.

2. Focus on Location Targeting 

Do you plan on selling your products locally? For those trying to sell their products locally, location targeting is for you. If your restaurant which is based in Kenya deals in British food, you don’t want to be everywhere because most of the Britain citizens are only based in urban areas. Your efforts will therefore futile if you target rural areas as well since most of these areas are inhabited by those who consume traditional foods. 

If you’re dealing in brick and mortar, on the other hand, shoppers will travel far and wide just to purchase your products. Know where your business fits and market accordingly. For instance, in the first case of a Britain restaurant based in Kenya, marketing to those in rural areas is just a waste of money. But how exactly do you target your customers according to the location?

Head over to the settings tab on your campaign then navigate to locations. While at it, there are options of marketing your products to consumers by region and city. Even better, there are options for defining the radius within which you want to market your products. Finding the right customers is the key in every marketing. Location targeting is the tool to go for. Embrace it and make more sales.

3. Exclude usage of negative keywords

If using shopping ads, keywords don’t play a significant role in enabling your business to be found by online shoppers. This is a nice deal as reduces the stress of worrying about using the right keywords. However, you have to keep off using negative keywords. Negative keywords can be used by businesses to prevent your ads from appearing to people who are in non-converting terms or those involved in irrelevant searches. This saves you from spending on those who will eventually not buy from you.

If you are trying to sell your products online, for instance, you want to keep off those who are searching for support repairs, advice and those who aren’t specific on what they want to buy. How do you do all these? Now if this is the case, you want to avoid using words such as how, manual, maintenance, and reviews. You should also avoid your competitor’s name so that your ad may not appear to someone looking for a competitor’s product. You can find more negative words on Free Negative Keyword Tool.

4. Use retargeting

This is a strategy that any person who wants success for their business shouldn’t ignore. Here, your ads are displayed to those who have previously visited your site. These include those who abandoned their shopping carts and those who had bought from you before. The key to successful marketing is keeping your products around the shoppers so that they can easily reach if while surfing the web.

With these steps, just dive into Google ads and reap the benefits it comes with. Create your first Google campaign and experience an influx of shoppers like never before.


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