How to Buy a Mattress: The Complete Guide


Buying a mattress may be one of the most confusing things you do, especially when you realize how many different types are out there and when you don’t know what things like “edge support” mean. Gone are the days when mattress shopping meant walking into a store and then buying the first mattress that felt soft or firm enough for you.

Now, there are online stores that provide the same amazing quality, long trial periods, and significantly reduced rates, and even some of the more well-established brands have upped their game. But in the middle of all their innovations and developments, there are lots of things to consider when buying your Best bed.

Buy a Mattress

The best mattress for you will be a great compromise between all the things you need in a mattress and also be in a price range you can afford. Let’s talk about all the things that come into play while buying a new mattress. 

Motion Isolation 

If you plan on sharing the mattress with anyone, motion isolation may be one of the best features for you in your next mattress. This term is used for a mattress’s ability to keep motion isolated in a single area, which means that you won’t be getting any sleepless nights because of your partner’s late or restless nights. 

Motion isolation is one of the most highlighted features in a couple’s mattress, and it might be one of the best things for someone who has trouble sleeping because of someone else’s late night adventures. 



The firmness and softness of a mattress is measured from a scale of one to ten. 1 being the softest mattress there could be, and ten being the firmest. The firmness of the mattress you need or want depends on your own weight, the state of your back and your sleep position, and your own personal preference. 

If you prefer sleeping “on” your mattress, a firmer one would be best, but if you prefer sleeping “in” your mattress you might benefit from one that has a firmness level of three to four. 

The thing about a firm mattress is that it offers support to your joints while you sleep, while a softer mattress might cause muscle strain and exhaustion in the long run. 

If you and your partner both prefer different levels of firmness, an air bed might be a good choice. Many of those make it possible for you to choose different firmness settings on the two sides of the mattress, which means both you and your partner get to sleep on the same bed without compromising on your comfort. 

If your mattress felt right while you bought it but is now too firm for you, buy a top layer or a pillow layer for it to take it down a notch. 

Edge Support 

Many mattresses need to be firm on the edges so you don’t fall out during the night, and especially not when you’re doing some more vigorous activity on it. One of the biggest mood killers is a person falling off the bed while doing it, not to mention the risk of injuries. 

Mattresses for Back Pain 

If you suffer from back pain, make sure to ask your mattress provider about mattresses for your specific problem. People with upper or lower back pain both can benefit from a mattress that helps relieve stress and back pain. 

It also depends on your preferred sleeping position and may impact what kind of mattress feels best for you. Side sleepers need a different mattress than people who sleep on their back do, and even different kinds of pillows. 

Heat Conductivity 

No one likes a mattress that’s too hot and traps too much heat on the surface. Look for a mattress that stays cool and allows you maximum comfort – you’ll benefit from it even on the coldest nights! 

When buying a mattress, take your time and try to get a 20-minute nap in before you make a decision. If you’re shopping online, look for mattresses that have a trial period and make sure their return policy is convenient in case your new mattress doesn’t turn out to be the right fit for you. 

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