How to Choose a hitch mount bike rack?


Bicycles are one of the best exercise activities and fun-gaining games also. You can set a race with your friends and siblings for fun. When the things come to the storage point of bikes and transporting then this is a really big issue. A normal family doesn’t have much space for storing many bikes at one time in a home. And during traveling, you hire a special vehicle for transporting your bikes. But now this problem is not going to give you trouble anymore. Now you can purchase bike racks for mounting bikes at home as well as bike racks that help you to mobile your bikes from one place to another very safely. In this blog, I will apprise you about the best hitch mount bike racks provider company and also I will enlighten you about their bike racks. Let’s begun, fellas! Stay tuned with us and I am pretty sure that this blog will helpful for you.

Hitch Mount Bike Racks

First of all, you should know what is bike rack and why it is a necessary bike accessory. If you don’t have space for storing your bike then just buy a bike rack fit the rack on the wall and mount your bikes. Bike racks save you’re a lot of space. During traveling you can mount the bike rack with your vehicle back and you can mount your bikes with it and you can travel without any worry because bike racks have great grip on bicycles.

Best Hitch Mount Bike Racks Company

VelociRax is the best bike rack provider company that provides you number one quality. The material of Hitch mount bike racks is very high quality. VelociRax provides you with durable bike racks as well as they proffer you 2 years of warranty of their bike racks. If their product will have any defect in guaranteed years then you can return the bike racks but they have some conditions and the conditions including normal wear and tear, scratches, accidents, misuse, and overloading will not count in their product defects and if these reasons are there then you can’t return the bike racks. They provide you the bike racks which are made of steel and steel that are very high quality.

6 Different Sizes of Hitch Mount Bike Racks

VelociRax proffers you 6 vertical different sizes of bike racks. The 7 different sizes racks are as follow;

(VelociRax 3X) price of this vertical rack of bicycles is $799.00. You get number 1 of quality. This is made of steel. This vertical rack of bike can hold 3 bikes.

(4’12 VelociRax) price of this vertical rack of bike is $860. Number one quality is waiting for you. 12” space between all bikes. You can hold up to 4 bikes on this bike rack.

(5 VelociRax) price of this bike rack is $885. 10” space between bikes. Number one quality you can mount it in your garage. This bike rack hold up to 5 bikes.

(VelociRax 5X) price of this bike rack is $915. This is bigger than the 5 VelociRax bike rack. It proffers you 15” space between bikes. You can mount 5 bikes on it. It has integrated anti-rattle locking mechanism.

(6 VelociRax) price of this bike rack is $935. It has different space between bikes like some have 10” and the other one has 12”. You can mount up to 6 bikes on it. It has integrated anti-rattle locking mechanism.

The last vertical bike rack of VelociRax is (7 VelociRax) price of this bike rack is $985. It provides you 10” space between bikes mounting. You can trust VelociRax for durability. If you want to purchase hitch mount bike racks then is the best company for you. Select one which meets your needs and visit and order your bike rack.


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