How to Choose the Best Baby Care Products in India?

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Babies are lovely, mushy, cute, and yes, quite sensitive too. They are so sensitive and delicate that a single unreliable baby care product can cause rashes, irritation, or other issues on their skin. And that is exactly why you need to choose baby care products for your toddler with extreme care.

Most parents ask for some qualified advice from experts or doctors for suggestions to choose from the options available. But, unfortunately, that’s not enough homework. They follow the process by carefully checking the products’ labels, and knowing about the ingredients used, size or options available, and much more.

If you think it is a little tough to choose the best baby care products in India, this article is just for you. We will talk about some general tips to keep in mind while buying products for your little one. We will also name some quality products by brands like Mamaearth. Read till the end and you will be the next smartest parent-consumer amongst your friends.

How To Choose the Best Baby Care Products?

Ever thought about how parent-influencers choose the best products amongst a huge list? They have a simple checklist in their mind to know if a product is good enough. Similarly, you can refer to the following pointers to buy the best products:

·        Is this product specially designed for babies?

Mostly, baby products can be used by adults (like oils and creams) too, but adult products should not be used by babies. That is because the skin of babies is sensitive and one should use products that are gentle and nourishing, but without being harsh on the tender skin.

So, before buying a baby product, always check if it is specially designed for babies or not. If you have a habit of using your little munchkin’s products, you should then check products’ safety for adults too.

·        What are the ingredients used in this baby care product?

If a product’s label does not have the list of ingredients, you should discard it right away. There is no room for shady products in this scenario. If it does have a list of ingredients, try googling them. You may opt for questions like what is the source of these ingredients? Are they sourced from plants and other natural resources? Or are they chemically manufactured?

You may note that some ingredients are good for your babies and some ingredients are bad. Here is a list of good ones:

  • Fruit extracts
  • Natural oils such as Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Avocado oil
  • Shea butter & milk protein
  • Ingredients that are derived from plants and have anti-oxidative products

Here is another list of ingredients that can prove harmful for your baby’ skin and hence you should stay away from it:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Silicones
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic colors

·        Is the product appropriate for my baby’s skin type?

If you are using a product that would be applied directly to your baby’s skin, it is important to first consider your baby’s skin type. You should also check if the product contains any harsh chemicals that could cause allergies or rashes on the baby’s skin. Or you can choose the safe option and go with a product that works on all skin types.

·        How much quantity do I need?

Most people either ignore this aspect or just buy these products wholesale to get some extra discount. If you are trying a product for the first time, it is better to go with the smallest package. Once you know that the product is effective for your baby, you can buy large packs to get a better price.

·        Is this product hurting my budget?

Picking baby care products without checking the price tag is a dream all parents have. But if you try to turn this dream into reality, it will hurt your finances. So, be a smart buyer and always check the price of the product. If it is too high, the product is not worth it. Start your search again until you find a product of equal quality but a pocket-friendly price.

Some parents also go the safest route – they simply ask a pediatrician for baby care products suggestions. The problem with this method is that the pediatrician is not going to consider your budget and they might also not tell you about every product that you need. So, it is always better to do your due diligence and hunt for the best products.

Tips For Specific Products

These were some general tips that you can apply to all baby care products, be it diapers, wet wipes, creams, or oils, etc. These will help you shortlist some quality products. But if you want only the best products for your baby, you need some specific tips for each product.

Here is a list of some tips to keep in mind while shopping for your little one:

Body Lotions

  • Check if the body lotion contains any allergy-causing ingredients.
  • If your baby’s skin is oily, check if any baby care body lotion is gentle for your baby, and is just as nourishing too
  • Some body lotions are to be applied once a day, others can be applied frequently. Make sure that you are making the right purchase accordingly.

Note: You should go for baby care products that do not contain any harmful substances or toxins and protect your baby gently.

Hair Oil

  • It is better to opt for natural oils over synthetic oils, especially for infants.
  • If you want multiple benefits, choose an oil with a blend of different oils such as Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil for babies.
  • If your baby has skin problems like cradle cap, ensure that the oil will not irritate your baby’s skin.

Baby Wipes

  • Always buy nature-friendly and disposablewet wipes for the babies. A good pick would be Mamaearth Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes.
  • Make sure that the disinfectant ingredients used in the wipes are not harsh because they would touch your baby’s skin frequently.
  • If the wipes are friendly to adult skin too, it is going to be a bonus for you.


  • Good absorbency power should always be your priority.
  • Make sure that the diaper you are buying is of the right age category for your baby.
  • Check the fabric of the diaper for softness and breathability.
  • Pick a diaper that is easy to wear and remove since your baby is going to need a lot of diapers.

Summing It Up

Doing a little homework before a shopping spree can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. And most importantly, it is going to ensure that your baby stays safe and happy. Now that you have all the required info about baby care products, it is time to hunt for the best. We recommend that you go for products that do not contain any toxins or harmful chemicals and are certified safe for longer use.

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