How to easily convert cm to inches?


What is the value of the centimeter given in inches? Let’s define it. One centimeter is written as 1 cm. This abbreviated form is commonly used in mathematical equations. But how to convert 1 cm to inches? 

There is no other way than to remember the equivalent of 1 cm in inches. This value is exactly 1/2.54 of an inch. Of course, it is possible to transform this fractional form into decimal fraction. Then the abbreviation will be 0.3937 inches. So as a summary – 1 cm is exactly 1/2.54 inches or, in abbreviated form, 1 cm is 0.3937 of an inch.

One centimeter is a quite small unit. That’s why some of you can’t imagine how it looks. The most examples of one centimeter you can find in math. We are sure that all of you see a ruler in your life. On it, you will see 1 cm, which contains 10 mm. This is not only one example of 1 cm in math. Geometry is also great for showing you how 1 cm looks. Such a geometric figure like a square can have all sides 1 centimeter long. It is a very common example in the beginning of geometry.

If we are converting centimeters and inches, where are they used?

What is the usage of the centimeters and inches? As the units of length, they are useful to measure the length obviously. But you have to remember they are small units. For instance, the centimeter is not used to measure length of the route, but can be used to describe a T-shirt size. 

Now you understand, why we convert cm to inches, no? In turn, the inch is also not used to measure bigger distances. Even height is not given in inches but in feet and inches additionally! The most commonly known usage of inches is to give the measurement of diagonal screen sizes.

Let’s start from a scratch. It is commonly known that the cm is a unit of length. But this knowledge doesn’t allow you to know this unit better. There are a lot more pieces of information about it. 

The centimeter is a part of the metric system. The most commonly used name of this system is the International System of Units. In abbreviation, just the SI. This system is the most popular in continental Europe. The centimeter you can see in usage in such countries like Polish, Portugal or Spain. This unit is defined as 1/100 of a meter.

Diferences and similarity of inches and centimeters, is It main reason why we convert?

Well if we convert cm to inches it have to be diferences and maybe similarity? Some people see an inch and a centimeter as totally different units. But is there something different in these units? Yes, these units have some differences. But does that mean that they have nothing in common? You need to remember that all of these units are units of length. 

So they belong to the same category. Both centimeters and inches are also small units. They are used as the basic small units of length in particular countries. So we cannot say that the centimeter totally differs from an inch.

There is a significant difference between the inch and cm. So have a look at what the value of this difference is. Without any further ado, let’s check. To know the difference between two different units, it is a need to convert them to the one unit. We are going to convert cm to inches now. 

So an inch is 1 inch, nothing more or less. And one centimeter is about 0.3937 inches. So to know the answer you need to subtract. To know the result, subtract the smaller number from the bigger one. So the answer is 1 inch is 0.6063 bigger than 1 centimeter.

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