How to fall in love with math and make it easy?


Whenever we hear the term “math”, our heart starts to palpitate. Students often give excuses to avoid math homework or classes only because they find it difficult or confusing. But, math can be easy if you start loving it and enjoying it. To enjoy the subject, you need to do a lot of practice and put away your fear first.  When you think about the word MATH, that is boring and hard. But with the help of the tips provided by the assignment writing, you can easily keep math as a fun material and give yourself a reason to love the subject. So, let’s discuss various ways of making math easier and a lovable subject.

Practice makes every subject easy:

Practice your math exercises daily, which will naturally lessen your burden of completing the whole syllabus one day before the exam. Solve 10-20 questions daily and remember to set your timer on. Be attentive while solving the problems and make sure that you complete them within the stipulated time. Check your answers after completing each sum. When you get the full marks on your most complex subject, you will love and enjoy it automatically.

Playing math puzzles and games:

If you feel bored solving the math problem, try out math puzzles and games on your mobile or even as an outdoor game. You can call your friends inside your house to play the game simply while playing. Do puzzles on paper chits and solve them quickly. If you make your answer right, you will get five bonus points. If you fail to solve it, two marks will be deducted. In this way, you can turn it into a fun game. You can also play sum races if your parents are not giving you mobile phones. Puzzles and various math games are also available online, where you will cross levels and improve your subject. Also, math board games are available on the market. All these games will improve your math skills and improve your interpersonal and problem-solving skills. So, don’t waste your time and turn your fear into a fun world.

Opt For Group study:

If you feel bored with math and lose interest in the subject, you can call your friends at home with whom you can solve the problems quickly. Group study is highly advantageous as if anyone feels trouble solving a math problem; the other friend can help. You can use some of the best study apps for your studies. This will also increase your communication skills. Also, group studies are entertaining. You feel confined in front of a teacher if you can’t solve or understand a problem. You fear to ask your teacher a hundred times till you understand it fully. But when you are with your friend, you will feel more confident, and you will also not have the fear to ask your friends regarding the solutions.

YouTube and Online videos:

If you don’t have any friends and don’t want to ask your teachers, then there are various online apps and videos on the smartphone that will indeed help you. Various channels use various short tricks and techniques to make the subject exciting and full of fun. If you are a child, you can also find various cartoons where math is explained in an exciting way that you will grasp for a few minutes. Learn the tricks and show your friends how quickly you can solve the problems in just one click. They will be surprised and will think that you are a magician. Even for competitive exams, there are various professional channels like Khan academy, Dear Sir, Unacademy videos, Byju’s etc. Even if you find the problem in solving a sum, you can use Google lens, leading you to various websites where you will get all the solutions. You can quickly learn it from there.

Learn Fun Formulas:

Memorizing the formulas is a tough job for math students. There are hundreds and hundreds of formulas that you often get confused with. Turn this formula into easy tongue twisters or rhyming, which will quickly help you figure out every problem. This is an easy and fun process to memorize every formula within a few seconds.

Interactive Board On Classroom

Teaching math in old classrooms can be tedious. That is why most schools are now implementing interactive intelligent boards to show live demonstrations and videos on class boards. Various animations help the students to catch the concept or memorize it quickly. These intelligent boards make the learner more attracted and focussed in the class than just by writing on boring blackboards and solving problems from books. Make sure that the students participate more in class.

The Bottom Line

All these options will surely make the students understand their lesson better and cope with the “Math fear”. You can try out colorful books also or practice with the abacus. This will make your subject interesting for you. You can score more in your math exam only when you start loving it. So, stop getting frightened and accept the challenge.

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