How to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit?


Your storage unit could be a lifesaver, giving you the space you need to organize your belongings or store items while you move.

That said, using a storage unit means keeping on top of payments – read on to find out more about how to make sure your storage unit works hard for you. 

The Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit

A storage unit like Storage Area can be a lifesaver if you need space for large bulky items like furniture, sports equipment, or seasonal clothing.

You can rent a storage unit cheaper than you could afford to rent an apartment with the same extra space (check out the prices here:, and it’s less likely that your roommates will steal your things or break them!

Don’t forget about the safety factor either! You can lock up your valuables in storage and rest easy knowing that they’re not going to be stolen or sold at a pawn shop.

Tips on Packing Your Storage Unit Easily And Effectively

Follow these simple rules and you’ll turn your storage unit into an asset that celebrates your organizational skills instead of accentuating the lack of them!

Start Small 

When organizing anything, it’s best to start with one space or area at a time. 

For example, clear out one shelf in your closet or drawer at a time instead of trying to do everything all at once. 

This will make the process much more manageable and help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or feeling like it’s weighing down on you.

Think About What You Need 

Before you pack anything, think about how often you use the things in your storage unit and if it’s worth packing them away. 

For example, if you were a professional snowboarder and your board is taking up space, don’t pack it up! 

You may only use it a few times a year, but when you do use it, you really need to have the right gear. 

Is storing home décor items worth the effort when they’ll be packed away for months? 

Can they stay in your garage or spare closet when they’re not in use? 

Sort And Label 

Knowing what goes in each box is a great way to organize the items. Label the boxes clearly so you can easily find them when packing up. 

If you have boxes in different rooms of your apartment, that’s a great place to store things like paper, office supplies, and other miscellaneous items. 

You’ll want to make sure they’re labeled so everything can quickly be found.

Unlike people who just throw everything into the same box and hope they fit, you don’t want to risk having something break when it’s moved across the country! 

Label Boxes Using Visible And Easy-to-understand Symbols 

Use symbols instead of words when labeling boxes. 

Bad handwriting can be confusing if you have someone else helping you unpack, and they have no idea what the labels say. 

A symbol helps to communicate what’s inside without any confusion.

If you know that the box contains Christmas decorations, write an arrow over a star on the outside of the box, so anyone packing it or unpacking it will know what’s inside based on just a quick glance. 

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