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How to paint floors? What are the best ways to present?

According to the industry experts, the secret to achieve success with floor painting is to thoroughly prepare the ground area.

Plan preparation

The kind of steps that you plan to take for different executions is likely to require various types of treatments. To ensure the best results, remove from the room all furniture. It will ensure that no scratching takes place while carrying out the painting project especially as the furniture will be required to move from one place to the other.

Painted floors

In case the place is painted already, then simply remove varnish from the wooden floor easily. If it is in poor condition, the experienced painting contractors surrey will know how to tackle it and do a good job.

Bare wood

Working with an exposed wooden floor means sanding it smooth with the help of sandpaper. Once it is thoroughly clean and smooth, remove sanding dust. Only then should you apply new paint. Erase all wall decorations, coatings, etc. before painting to avoid dust derived from objects from hitting wet paint. On grounding and cleaning the floor, the next task will be to include quality paint floor primer or primer.

For lacquered floors

The painted floor is likely to have a smooth surface with the ground being primed and cleaned. On repairing, priming and cleaning the plan, place tape measure across sockellist to baseline. To prepare good seal, press the strap firmly.

Materials floor painting

You need to use the best quality brushing, colour and rolling. Using appropriate materials and resources is crucial for the painting work. It helps save precious money by avoiding undertaking expensive do-over.

To Brush

Use only quality brushes to paint the place as it will not leave brush marks or lose bristles while doing the painting job. Use a wide brush to paint. Use 1” or 2” brush to undertake detail work as well as cut-out in sockellist in the room.


These days, there are readily available different types of colours and brands to select from. Select something that goes well with your ground surface. It includes terrace, porch and floor paints. You may also use oil-based enamel. Also are available self-priming colours.


With rollers, the painting work can be executed much faster. This is because with each shot, you can get better surface coverage. Determine whether you desire to work using a short or long pole. Test the handle length to find out if it offers optimum comfort. Different surfaces classify roller covers. You may select a nap roller cover and may not have to get overloaded with colour while working. It is stated to be a wonderful way to ensure lines or drops do not get on the ground and also derive moderate coverage.

Wood floor paint

Wooden floor painting is similar to that of any flat surface painting. Wide brush or roller can be used for this project. Sprinklers should not be used as they may drop off and then scatter across the walls. Hence, place the pedestal a few inches away. Once the room is painted, allow it some time to dry completely. Roll in long with even strokes or follow up with a brush. Overlap strokes while painting from one particular section to the other.

You can expect the certified painters surrey to do a good job.

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