How to Plan Your Big Dream Wedding


The time has come to start planning that wedding day you’ve always dreamed of. Perhaps you’ve been planning this your whole life, and you have a scrapbook full of pictures carefully torn from magazines and glued into its pages to create a blissful bridal collage – which is finally going to come in handy after all the years it took you to procure.

Maybe you’ve been a bit more tech-savvy and carefully cultivated a perfect Pinterest page full of everything from garters to gowns and cakes to crystal champagne flutes. Or, perhaps you’re starting from scratch with just a dream to work from? Hopefully, this quick guide can get you moving in the right direction wherever you’re at with your plans. 

Set A Date

To make that dream a reality, the very first thing you and your betrothed will want to do is set a date. This is the best way to start the planning process, as it can help you focus on your vision for that perfect day. 

Book Well In Advance

Popular venues and vendors can also be booked up well in advance of events, as can photographers, DJs, and bands. If you work backward from the set date, you can prioritize which things need to be done as soon as possible and what can be done at a later date, helping you keep stress to a minimum and the planning to keep progressing nicely. Plus, booking early will ensure you don’t suffer any last-minute disappointments!

Choose a Theme

As planning progresses, you’ll want to focus on your vision and narrow down all those collated scrapbook options into a clear concept that is befitting your dream day – and you can start with your color scheme. 

Many couples discover that once they’ve chosen a color scheme, many other elements like deciding on invitation styles, décor choices, and personal touches all come into focus – not to mention the all-important wedding dress and bridesmaids’ gowns. 

Choose a Venue

After you’ve nailed down your colors and overall theme, you can start to think about what kind of environment you want on the big day and what type of venue will provide that environment. It would be best if you chose the establishment that speaks to you and most reflects you and your fiancé. 

For example, what kind of setting have you been dreaming of? Indoors or outdoors? Church or country manor? Or perhaps high-end, luxury private event venues like the Hartford Society Room that cater to exclusive and indulgent occasions? These are all questions you need to ask yourself to help you pick the right place.

Whether you’ve chosen a quaint village hall, an ornate formal ballroom, or an outdoor event on a beach shore, you’ll want to find an environment that reflects your and your partners’ personal styles.

Pick The Styles

Now that you’ve progressed past a considerable amount of conceptual planning, you can move on to some of the fun parts, like splashing the cash on dresses, hair, and makeup. Naturally, you have to start with the dress; it just has to be right, and finding that perfect gown and getting it fitted can take time – so it’s probably one of the first things you’re going to want to get your hands on. 

Then, you’ll want to get the perfect hair and makeup to complete your wedding day look, so consider creating a beauty plan for the big day. Once you have all these elements in line, you can take care of some of the simpler things, such as sending out invitations, hiring a photographer, and hiring entertainment for the reception. 

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