How to Run Paid Ads


There is no better way of driving traffic to your site than paid advertising. Even so, you have to be very careful while using it because the costs involved can quickly spiral and increase the overall cost of production. Facebook is the largest social media platform.

To drive your adverts and to boost your sales while increasing their effectiveness, buy Facebook likes. But how do you ensure that you reap from paid ads? Recently, I had a chat with a small business owner who had just launched into Google AdWords, and from the stats, it seemed as though it was working. 

They had leads but not their target leads. What could be the problem? How could they have solved it? Now while advertising, it’s very important to ensure that you have a specific ad lest you pay dearly for useless leads. Are you a small business owner? Are you planning to start a business? Don’t allow this to happen to you because we have a proven procedure to follow to enable you to optimize your advertisements.

1. Use Long Tail Keywords

These are keywords that are several words long. Average advertisements have a one-word keyword such as ‘plumber’. This deters the number of traffic you receive. If you say someone is searching for ‘Plumber near me”, your ad may fail to match the keyword or may appear at the tail end after other relevant ads have appeared.

Think of the last time you were browsing. Did you scour all the search results that appeared? No, you probably looked at the first five and decided to focus on one, or after looking at the first five options, you decided to change the keywords. You want your ads to be the first option right? Use the right keyword.

‘But where do you know the best keywords,’ they ask. Now the best source for getting new keywords is Ubersuggest. Worth noting is to look for keywords that your customers use while looking for you. Don’t go for the highest traffic keywords that are irrelevant for your business. Moreover, be on the lookout for specific long-tail keywords that compose the most traffic in your area.

But how do you use Ubersuggest? A simple step to follow; after entering the head keyword, search. On the left sidebar, click ‘Keyword ideas’. Analyze the results before downing on one. For instance, if the word social media marketing is the first option, then it’s called the head keyword as it’s searched for the most.

Though less popular as per the sidebar, social media marketing strategy shows that people look for specific products. After finding the keywords that fits the contours of your needs, it’s advisable to click on them to see better ideas of your competitors

The biggest mistake people make is purchase of the wrong keyword. In this case for instance, if you purchase ‘social media marketing’ you will pay dearly yet there will be no returns. So that the best keywords can come from your site, familiarize yourself with a survey tool like Qualaroo. This will allow you to know what your customers are looking for and why they choose your business.

2. Familiarize yourself with the types of ads available

There are a variety of places to buy ads, each with its own merits and demerits. Have you ever used paid ads? Do you understand the major types of paid advertising as well as their demerits and merits? Here are some you want to know about;

  • Display ads or Banner ads. These are the most outstanding kinds of paid ads. They are the most commonly used and come in a variety of sizes. Are your customers looking for something new? Do you have loyal customers who are just coming for the same types of goods? You don’t want to use these ads if your customers are looking for something new. But how do you purchase display ads? Simply by pay per click. Even better, if in video content, they are allowed to appear for a specific period.
  • Google ads. This is the most preferred form when it comes to using search engines. They come with packages of display ads together with text ads and their associated keywords. To reap out of this, ensure you use the platform for a long time since Google rewards long-term users who have high-quality scores.
  • Social media ads. The social media numbers have plummeted exponentially in the last few years. These ads use the principle of combining text and display elements. They also focus on the preferences, demographics, and locations of the user. How beautifully is it to use social media ads? Just imagine. Your customers only get ads that are specific to them. Depending on the type of your business, you can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok.

3. Track Your Paid ads results

For every project, you undertake you must set goals that are specific and measurable else how you will know their importance. In the past, you couldn’t accurately track the impact of your ads because let’s face it; you send your marketing team to the field. After some time you experience increased sales, how would you know whether it’s the impact of personal ling selling or advertisements? This is not the case with paid ads. There is the use of Google Analytics. This is absolutely free and very easy to install. What are you waiting for?

After setting up, acquaints yourself with google analytics custom campaigns. But how will this be helpful? How will you use it? Now, with these options, you can create a customized URL for individual ads through which you will be able to examine the overall performance of all your ads. This gives you a single dashboard for comparing all your ads. Just imagine, all the traffic from your ads together with the accompanying ads can be tracked. How wonderful.

4. Create a landing page

Landing page to paid ads is what reception is to offices. Just imagine getting into a tall huge building with several offices without any guidance. This should be on your website, not your page.

The landing page allows customization of your message for your customers. You continue with the message you started within your ads and enhance customers’ experience. With landing pages, you can direct customers to take specific actions such as downloading an eBook. Most importantly, the landing page allows easier tracking of your visits.

Be informed on how to reach and sell to your customers. How do you do this? Make these strategies your guiding principles.

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