How To Style Jackets From Noir LDN


Noir LDN has been establishing its roots in the fashion industry for quite some time now, and we’re proud to say slowly and gradually, we’re achieving our goals.

Our clothing line only targets to serve men, and our limited designs cater to a more sophisticated and high-end liking. With the use of fine quality material and excellent leather additions, we have established and justified our name.

Noir LDN consistently strives to serve its customers to the best of its abilities. And this we have come up with minimal but very reliable designs which help you achieve a simplistic yet sophisticated look.

Our jackets consist of a few designs, ranging from Runway Jackets, Houndstooth Panel jackets, Denim Leather Jackets, and multiple other types of denim.

Runway Jacket

Starting with our runway jacket, detailed with leather and fabric, we have intricately woven it together to create flawless work. You can style this piece with a simple white shirt and black pants. You can also go for blue jeans and a white shirt with arunway jacket.

A simple turtle neck with this jacket and black pants would also be great. To add a little edge, you can add a pair of chunky Doc Martens.

Houndstooth Panel Jacket

This panel jacket has a panelling of leather from the chest area and above. The houndstooth fabric sits beautifully with the leather and can work with similar pants, which are available on the site.

You can also choose to go your own way and add a white shirt and black trousers as bottoms for a much more toned-down look. You can add a classic watch, and you’ll be good to go.

Denim Leather Panel Jacket

This is a grey jacket that has a panel of leather running from the top of the shoulders. The leather sits accessible and is well laid. A grey denim jacket can be layered with a classic plain hoodie.

The hoodies should be of neutral colours and complement the jacket well to make sure the colours do not bounce off each other, resulting in a messy outfit. An excellent natural hoodie with a grey jacket and black pants should be great.

Blue Denim Jacket

This can be styled in any way you want it to be. Either a white shirt or a graphic tee would work great. White hoodies worn with black jeans and this jacket would also be a good combination.

You can take our suggestion and pair this jacket with a black shirt and basic blue pants for a phenomenal look!

Grey Tape Denim Jacket

This taped denim has a design at the back, a taping that says Noir LDN. They overlap each other in the most melodic ways and are certainly a great touch to the grey faded colour hoodie.

You can style this with black jeans and a black shirt. Or you can add a black hoodie and wear black jeans underneath. You can also wear it with a light grey shirt and black pants.

Denim, Blue And Black

The rest of the denim can be styled with formal shirts. You can pair formal button-ups which are dark-toned, and style them with black pants.

To make things easy for you, Noir LDN has multiple suggestions on the bottom of our website, suggesting things you could buy with the jacket you select. These combinations look on-fleek and are sure to take your outfit up a notch!


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